Big Ben Went To My High School

Ben Roethlisberger


Posted: May 04 2010 by: Andy Green

Story Type: Funny

Subcategories: NFL  

Story Location: Findlay, United States

Story Date: May 2 2000 - 22:00

Big Ben Went To My High School
Big Ben Went To My High School


Ben Roethlisberger was a name I heard throughout the hallways at Findlay High School, here in Findlay, Ohio. I knew him as a football player and not much more. We had alot of mutual friends though, and my grandma is pretty good friends with his mom. I know the guy is havin' alot of troubles right now, let's hope they don't replace the pic in this Findlay, Ohio billboard with one of those crazy Nick Nolte photos of Ben!

The photo in this story is a billboard that rocked the town of Findlay for the first year or two of Ben's NFL success.

I liked this

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Sandy's picture

Do you know if that photo of him on the billboard is from the high school yearbook?  

Andy Green's picture

I am sure it is.

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