Bumping into Steve Nash & Dan Majerle in CA

Steve Nash


Posted: May 06 2010 by: Zeke

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Story Location: Indian Wells, CA, United States

Story Date: Oct 10 2008 - 22:00

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I was staying at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells, California, for a cousin’s wedding a couple years ago. As I was walking through the lobby, on my way to the hotel gym, I literally bumped into the great Steve Nash. I have spent my whole life around the game of basketball, with myself and my brothers all spending much of our time at the point guard position.  So, unexpectedly spotting the two-time NBA MVP was a pretty nice surprise.  I was really taken aback by how small he truly is. Its amazing the punishment he is able to absorb considering he only weighs 178 pounds.

My morning of Suns’ spotting continued when I entered the gym and got on an elliptical machine next to “Thunder” Dan Majerle.  Though he’s been retired for a few years, it sure looked like Majerle could still suit up if needed.  While I was pushing hard at level 9 on the machine, Majerle was conducting his workout at level 19.  Don’t expect to see an unfit Dan Majerle anytime soon.  Clearly, he is still in excellent shape.

After I left the gym, I learned that the Suns were staying at the hotel before their outdoor exhibition game against Denver.  The Indian Wells Tennis Garden, the site of the game, was right down the street. 

I read that the Suns will be back in Indian Wells, this Fall, to play the Mavs in another outdoor exhibition game.  So, if you happen to be in the area, head over to the Hyatt if you want to see some NBA talent in person.

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