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Caron Butler


Posted: Apr 11 2013 by: Jon Rapoport

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Story Location: Beverly Hills, CA, United States

Story Date: Apr 8 2013 - 01:00

Photo of Caron Butler in Beverly Hills
Photo of Caron Butler in Beverly Hills


Already in his eleventh professional season, Los Angeles Clippers forward Caron Butler has put together a very solid and respectable NBA career. With one NBA championship ring (member of the 2011 Mavericks, though was injured for the postseason) and two All-Star selections on his résumé, the UConn alum has been known as a strong scorer and effective defender, when running the floor for the five franchises he has spent time with (MIA, LAL, WAS, DAL, LAC). 

Earlier this week, contributor Reuben Benhaghnazar spotted Butler walking down Beverly Drive, in Beverly Hills, California. Adorned in a Bruce Lee tee-shirt, Butler was carrying a recently purchased LA Times, which happened to display a photo of him from the previous day’s division clinching win over the Lakers. Reuben noted that Butler was a good guy, who was more than happy to pose for this less “action packed” picture, as compared to the one that could be seen on the sports section’s front cover. Reuben was a little surprised regarding Butler’s height. In person, Reuben felt that the Wisconsin native’s 6’7” listed frame may involve a tiny bit of media guide exaggeration.  

2012-2013 marks Butler’s second season with the Clippers, amid his second NBA stint in Los Angeles. After spending his first two seasons in Miami, Butler found himself a part of one of the most significant trades in NBA history. Butler, and a package of players that also included current teammate Lamar Odom, were dealt to the Lakers in exchange for some guy named Shaquille O’Neal. Remarkably, Butler and Odom have been teammates with the Heat, Lakers and Clippers.

Butler’s inaugural LA experience lasted only one season, as he was sent to Washington, in a deal that brought the chronically underachieving Kwame Brown to LA.

Butler signed a three-year contract with the Clippers, prior to the lockout-shortened 2011-2012 campaign. After averaging more than 15 points per game, during 10 of his first 11 seasons, Butler has seen his productively fall to an average of 12.0 PPG last season and 10.5 PPG this season. Despite this situation, the 33-year-old stands as a very key cog, in the deep and talented Clippers quest for postseason glory. His veteran presence and bench scoring will surely come in handy for the upstart, former “other team” from LA LA Land.  

In whichever manner Butler’s career finishes, the man who will have earned nearly $80 million of salary (once his current Clippers contract concludes) will most certainly refocus his efforts to the world of business. Butler, who already serves as the proprietor of six Burger King franchises in Virginia and North Carolina, has expressed interest in following Magic Johnson’s remarkable journey from NBA player to highly successful businessman.  Despite playing for the rival Clippers, one has to think that Butler takes advantage of every possible opportunity to spend some time with the Magic Man. Ironically, Johnson’s office happens to sit just a few blocks from where Butler was seen walking down the street, on the very day of this sighting.


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