The Immaculate Reunion

Terry Bradshaw


Posted: Feb 03 2011 by: Ironmike

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Story Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Story Date: Feb 1 2011 - 22:00

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I was having dinner at the Palm Restaurant in Downtown Dallas during Super Bowl week.  While there, I witnessed what some may call the “immaculate reunion”.  At separate tables sat Steelers legends Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris.  During the course of their respective meals, the two men stood up and gave each other a big hug. This embrace was followed by a low key conversation between these men who own a combined eight Super Bowl rings.  I was hoping that Bradshaw would throw a piece of bread off a waiter’s shoulder, followed by Harris catching the bread before it hit the floor and running it across the room for a touchdown.  Instead, I settled for a great dinner and a great view of the coming together of two of Pittsburgh's all-time greats.  
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