Jeanie Buss All Class With LA Sports Fans (Video)

Jeanie Buss


Posted: Jun 17 2014 by: Jon Rapoport

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Los Angeles Lakers President/Co-Owner Jeanie Buss may very well be the most respected current member of the storied franchise’s front office. As opposed to the recent array of questionable personnel decisions (involving both player acquisitions and the hiring of coaches), by the folks on the basketball side of the office, the business side of the organization continues to boom, with much of the credit belonging to Ms. Buss.  

Despite finishing with the West’s second worst record, the Lakers remain awash in money, while continuing to bask in a 20-year/$3 billion broadcast rights package with Time Warner Cable. Though significantly lower than in past seasons, the Lakers’ local TV ratings still well surpassed that of the Pacific Division champion Los Angeles Clippers, during the 2013-14 season.

In addition, the team’s Staples Center attendance remains at capacity, with the 16-time NBA champs also announcing plans to build a brand new team headquarters, one block from its current base of operation.

Oh, and one more thing, earlier this year, Forbes valued the Lakers at $1.35 billion. With the Clippers recently selling for a whopping $2 billion, one can only fathom what the open market value of LA’s signature franchise would be.

Recently, the woman behind the Purple and Gold cash machine was seen saying hello to fans, as she was exiting the Toyota Sports Center. Per the above original video, the classy daughter of the great Jerry Buss took a couple minutes to sign autographs and pose for photos with folks who were actually waiting to catch a glimpse of the now Stanley Cup champion LA Kings, as the Lakers and Kings share the same El Segundo (CA) practice venue.

The video ends with Buss and a fan sharing their collective fondness for Buss’ fiancée, coaching icon/New York Knicks President Phil Jackson.


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