Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin pre-breakup story

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Posted: Oct 27 2010 by: JPeter

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Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin pre-breakup story
Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin pre-breakup story
Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin pre-breakup story
Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin pre-breakup story


In August, my buddy and I were at Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard, CA, watching practice and seeking autographs from players.  In between the morning and afternoon practices, we were hanging outside of the Marriott Residence Inn team headquarters, when we saw Kim Kardashian drive into the hotel parking lot with her then boyfriend, Cowboys WR Miles Austin as her passenger.  We had heard that she picked him up a few minutes before and now they were returning after perhaps grabbing lunch in Oxnard.    My friend and I approached their car, as the two of them were about to head into Austin’s hotel room, prior to the start of afternoon drills.  In hopes of seeing Kardashian, I had a glossy photo of her in a bikini on hand for her to hopefully sign.  I asked her if she would sign that photo, she immediately said yes and signed a very legible autograph to the bikini picture. Austin also very willingly signed the Cowboys helmet I brought with me that day.   I then asked Kardashian if she would pose for a picture with my friend and me.  She very respectively said no, claiming that Austin did not want her taking photos with anyone that day.  As the two of them walked towards the hotel room, I was able to get a quick shot of Kardashian’s very famous backside.  It wasn’t quite the photo with her that I had hoped for, but getting both of their autographs and the backside photo made for a good day and a great story from our trip to Cowboys camp.   Since their breakup, it seems like Kardashian has bounced back much better than Austin and his struggling Cowboys.   Here are photos of Kim from behind, my autographed bikini photo of her and a shot of her Land Rover.  
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oooo I like this one!

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Awesome story!

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