Meet and Greet with Larry Bird

Larry Bird


Posted: Apr 05 2010 by: bigzane

Story Type: Other

Subcategories: NBA  

Story Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Story Date: Feb 2 2010 (All day)

Meet and Greet with Larry Bird
Meet and Greet with Larry Bird


I sometimes go to Indianapolis Pacer games where Larry Bird is the now the President of Operations.  I was able to meet Bird at a function for season ticket holder and special guests to the area randomly in a visit to town.  He seems to be a quiet and shy person, almost as if he's completely over being a celebrity, a much larger star than anyone else in his organization of rising stars with the Indiana Pacers.  

Even standing 6'2" I still felt small standing next to him as he towers over all that are in a room.  Here's a photo of us at the event!

I liked this

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