Meeting AP in the Mall hours before the Sunday Night Game

Adrian Peterson


Posted: Feb 06 2010 by: mcmaggs

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Story Location: Charlotte, United States

Story Date: Dec 20 2009 (All day)

Meeting AP in the Mall hours before the Sunday Night Game
Meeting AP in the Mall hours before the Sunday Night Game


First off, I am an avid Minnesota Vikings Fan and I have been for as long as I can remember. Born and raised in Minnesota, but now live in North Carolina.

This past year the Vikings played the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte for a Sunday Night Primetime game. So my wife and I made the trip from Raleigh to Charlotte to watch the game.

Being the Vikings fan I am, I decided to wear one the 4 Vikings jerseys that I had brought with me for the trip for the day. We started Sunday morning, by going out for breakfast at a local pancake spot near our hotel. My wife and I finished earlier than expected so we decided to head to the mall to kill some time.

Wearing my #28, Adrian Peterson jersey, walking through the Charlotte Mall was great. So many dirty looks from Panthers fans. We saw quite a few other Vikings fans throughout the mall, and I knew I was not alone. We came toward the end of one of the sections of the mall and I starting hearing people say, "AP, AP, AP". For a second, I thought to myself, maybe everybody thinks I'm Adrian Peterson. A young kid walks up to me and points toward the Finishline shoe store and says, "Adrian Peterson is in that store". I thought to myself yeah right, its game day, he's probably resting in the hotel. Then I overheard another person say the same thing. I then said to my wife, I have to check this out. I'm a huge Adrian Peterson fan and I know that he has a massive collection of Jordans and other sneakers, so I thought to myself maybe he IS in there. 

We walked around the store, looking and looking. We didn't see AP or anybody close to that. We were headed out of the store and I asked one of the greeters if indeed AP had been in the store. He said, "yeah, yeah, he's in the back trying on shoes". Now my emotions started running wild and I felt like a 10 yr old girl. I was so giddy. I couldnt stop smiling. Finally, he pops his head from around a curtain and all I could do was smile. Not only is he my favorite player in the NFL,  he was my #1 pick in fantasy football, and I'M WEARING HIS JERSEY! I said "hey whats goin on AP. Good luck on the game tonight". Meanwhile, he gives me a SUPER strong handshake (something I had always heard that he had). I was prepared and tried to be just as firm in my handshake as well. I asked him if he didnt mind if my wife and I got a quick pic with him. He said sure. A buddy of his took the pic and we watched him and his buddies walk out of the store. That moment made the entire trip.

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