Outside Brett Favre’s Mississippi Mansion (Photo)

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Posted: Jun 22 2011 by: RoadWarrior

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Story Location: Sumrall, MS, United States

Story Date: May 18 2011 (All day)

Brett Favre's Mansion Gate
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Last month, I was traveling through Hattiesburg, Mississippi, when I decided to drive by Brett Favre's house. Favre had such a great hall of fame career and during the last few off-season’s, television networks have camped out on his lawn, reporting about the latest news regarding a possible comeback. Each summer, this saga would inevitably become one of the biggest stories in sports.

The home is actually located in the tiny city of Sumrall, Mississippi. The location of Favre’s property appears to be well known by both tourists and locals. A few other people were looking when I drove by, so I also stopped to see the house. It turns out that his place is directly off US Highway 98, a busy stretch of road, not at all in a secluded area. I had to turn quick off the highway and take a fast picture, because of the oncoming traffic.

You can see from this photo, that his gate has a big F on the outside and palm trees that surround it. That's as close as you can get, as his actual house is set way behind the gate, so there is no way you can see it from the road. Take a look at an aerial photo of the estate. Moving the photo south and east shows how far away the structure is from the highway. 

It was pretty cool to be outside the main residence of one of the most famous athletes of this generation of sports.


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