Ozzie Guillen Calm & Cool In Rival City (Video)

Ozzie Guillen


Posted: Jun 15 2011 by: RR1020

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Ozzie Guillen is in his eighth season as manager of the Chicago White Sox. The highlight of his managerial career was in 2005, when he led the team to their first World Series championship since 1917. They defeated the Houston Astros in a four-game sweep.

Guillen has been known to say controversial things and be very outspoken about pretty much anything. Wednesday, while in the rival city of Minneapolis, a laid-back Guillen politely signed autographs for fans outside of the W Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. This took place prior to Wednesday night’s game against the Twins.

It’s not often that a manager or coach is the biggest star on a professional sports team. But, in the White Sox case, no one draws more attention from fans and media than their fiery manager.


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