Surprise encounter and photo with Brad Childress

Brad Childress


Posted: May 03 2010 by: moonman569

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Story Location: Eden Prairie, MN, United States

Story Date: Jul 23 2009 (All day)

Surprise encounter and photo with Brad Childress
Surprise encounter and photo with Brad Childress


Last summer, on date night, my girlfriend Michelle and I decided to go mini golfing.  Along the way, I decided to venture into Vikings Headquarters without telling Michelle.  I pulled in and saw the famous black Escalade, to the right, that Vikings coach Brad Childress would later use to pick up Brett Favre at the airport, after he signed. 

A second later, we see Brad come out of the building with his briefcase.  Brad was working late finishing up the Antoine Winfield deal that evening.  As we drove around the circle to leave I said to Michelle “I am going to see if I can get a pic.”  She said “no Dan don’t” nervously.  I rolled down the window and yelled, “Hey Brad, can I get a picture?” 

After he finished his text message on his blackberry he waved me over.  We didn’t take a lot of his time up.  I said “I like the moves you have made this offseason” and he replied “I do too”!  Then we left after the photo as we mentioned we are on a date.  He said “I am too; I am going to meet my wife at Wildfire Grill right now.”  

I remember seeing the below iFollo story about other Vikings fans seeing Brett Favre and company at the same Wildfire Grill, the night Favre signed with the team.  The Vikings are clearly big fans of this restaurant.


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