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Classic video of Jim Thome hawking cars in Cleveland

Jim ThomeEntering Tuesday’s game, Minnesota Twins DH Jim Thome has crushed 587 homeruns during his 20 big league campaigns. This season, the former Indian, Phillie and White Sox has contributed 23 long balls to the Twins American League Central leading efforts.

Besides being an all-time great, the 40-year old Thome is also known for being one of the most respected and downright humble men ever to play Major League Baseball. Despite immense fame and fortune, Thome’s Midwestern sensibility appears to have followed him at every turn.  

While baseball fans marvel at his late career production, it is quite remarkable to consider that Thome’s appearance and attitude has never really changed. The grizzled veteran carries himself just the same as when he was a far younger ballplayer.  Evidence of this is apparent in the below video.

In this commercial from 1995, Thome is serving as pitchman for Royal Chevrolet in Aurora, Ohio. Today, that dealer is called Ganley Chevrolet of Aurora.

Take note at how incredibly similar present-day Thome looks and acts to that of his 25-year old incarnation.  No wonder the guy is so unaffected.


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