John Edwards at the scene of the crime

Amid all the controversy surrounding the admitted infidelity of former Sen. John Edwards, it’s funny to think that I may have been a firsthand witness to the affair, without even realizing it. I was at a stoplight on Santa Monica Blvd., in the Century City section of Los Angeles.  As I’m waiting for the light to turn, I saw a really familiar tall and skinny guy jogging in front of my car.  I look closer to find out that it’s Sen. Edwards running across the street in the middle of the day.  The irony is that my car was about a block from the Beverly Hilton Hotel.   Months later, the BH Hilton would be the very location where Edwards was caught red-handed, cheating on his wife with Rielle Hunter.  It was also reported that the Beverly Hilton was the common location for their many encounters.  So, it is quite possible that I saw Edwards hanging out right before another one of his infidelities. appreciates each and every reader of our site and we believe our readers are teaming with talent. We invite you to share ideas, photos, videos and stories with us, via this link.