Friday, an incredible five million people turned out to witness the world champion Chicago Cubs victory parade and subsequent rally. The parade began at Wrigley Field (on Chicago's North Side), continued through downtown Chicago and culminated with a mega celebration in the city’s Grant... Read More

After clinching the 2016 World Series title at around 12:30 am Eastern in Cleveland, the Cubs returned to Chicago in the middle of the night (one-hour flight), arriving back to Wrigley Field at roughly 6:00 am Central, upon landing at O’Hare Airport (12 miles west of Wrigley) shortly before.Below... Read More

Wednesday night in Cleveland, Indians manager Terry Francona is aiming for his third World Series victory as a skipper. After winning both the 2004 and 2007 titles in Boston, the 57-year-old former Big League utility man will almost certainly punch his ticket to the Hall of Fame, with a Game 7... Read More

With the Chicago Cubs potentially on the brink of winning the club’s first World Series since 1908, the government and businesses of Chicago are preparing for the celebration that may erupt, if the North Siders can defeat the Indians in Game 7.Even though the 2016 Fall Classic’s decisive game is... Read More

Tuesday night has the chance of being a very historic period in downtown Cleveland, as the Indians go for the city’s first world championship clinching home win since 1964. Adding to the fun (just like last Tuesday night), the NBA champion Cavaliers will be simultaneously taking the court at... Read More