Derrick Rose's Injury Felt In Chicago & Las Vegas

Bulls odds drop from 7-2 to 15-2All of Chicago is mourning the loss of star point guard Derrick Rose, after last season's league MVP tore an ACL during the final minutes of the top-seeded Bulls Game 1 victory over Philadelphia on Saturday.

Rose's injury is also being felt in the city of Las Vegas. 

Chicago opened the playoffs at 7-2 odds to win the NBA title, but have now dropped to 15-2 after Rose's injury.

While the Bulls are dropping, the Miami Heat "rose" from 2-1 to 3-2 favorites, according to the sportsbook at Bovada. appreciates each and every reader of our site and we believe our readers are teaming with talent. We invite you to share ideas, photos, videos and stories with us, via this link.