Eli Mannings New Jersey House

Eli Manning 3,555 square foot condo in HobokenWhile much attention has been given to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's brand new 22,000 square foot home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood, far less fanfare has resulted from the news of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning's newly renovated 3,555 square foot condo in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Our guess is that the understated younger brother of Peyton Manning is just fine with that.

Unlike Brady, who is of course married to supermodel Gisele, Eli Manning has settled down with college girlfriend Abby McGrew. The couple met on the campus of Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi.

After purchasing two condos in Hoboken's Hudson Tea Building during 2005, for the combined sum of $2.2 million, the Manning's added a $535,000 studio to their real estate portfolio, allowing them to renovate and furnish the combined 3,555 square foot space.

Take a look at a series of photos of the Hudson River adjacent property, located directly opposite from Midtown Manhattan's iconic skyline.

The highly technological condo possesses five LCD televisions, two plasma TV's and a whole host of audio/visual and modern lighting equipment.

The Manning pad is also home to a remote control hidden bar, disguised from appearance unless activated.

Hoboken, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and a present-day trendy Manhattan satellite, is situated seven miles east of the Timex Performance Center, the Giants practice facility located on the grounds of MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Manning's decision to live in Hoboken, as opposed to New York City itself, allows for a much more manageable commute to East Rutherford, void of having to drive through the traffic challenged Lincoln and/or Holland Tunnels during both morning and evening rush hours.

Other prominent residents of Hoboken include former Giant QB/ESPN analyst Jesse Palmer, NBC News' Natalie Morales, former New Jersey senator/governor Jon Corzine and current New Jersey senator Robert Menendez.  


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