The Massive Architectural Footprint Of The New LA NFL Stadium (Photos)

Rams and Chargers New LA StadiumWith the Chargers now officially relocating north to Los Angeles next season, come the fall of 2019, the temporarily named Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park will be the home venue for two NFL teams, with the former San Diego franchise serving as a tenant to Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who is privately funding the project.

All told, Kroenke and Stockbridge Capital will invest $2.6 billion when developing the 298-acre Inglewood (CA) entertainment district, which will include the 80,000-seat shared stadium, new NFL Network and league digital properties headquarters, a western branch of the hall of fame, as well as a luxury hotel, multiple preforming arts venues and a bevy of residential, retail, commercial and public use space.

The new stadium/entertainment complex will also be a significant part of LA’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, while also serving as the site for future Final Fours, political conventions, potential world cup games and much more.

The facility is already slated to host the Super Bowl in 2021.

In November, Kroenke and Stockbridge Capital officially broke ground on the mega plot of LA County land. Below are a series of original photos, displaying the progress that has been made, while chronicling the shear size and scope of this massive land development effort.

Aerial photos of Rams and Chargers new stadium site


Aerial photos of Rams and Chargers new stadium site

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