Hanging out at Al Biernat's on Super Bowl eve, a top tier Dallas restaurant, involved the sight of huge names from the worlds of sports and entertainment.  From the entertainment side of the ledger, A-List heavyweights Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were seen having dinner at a large table... Read More

The day has finally arrived! Super Bowl XLV will kickoff Sunday night at 5:30 CT. As everyone knows, the game will be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The three million square foot brainchild of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will serve as a spectacular setting for this epic event. ... Read More

Among the many athletes hanging around the Sheraton Downtown Dallas on Friday was Cowboys legend Michael Irvin.  Irvin was spending time with what appeared to be a very close friend or colleague. Irvin's love for this family was on full display when he embraced the friend's son while sitting... Read More

One of the most chaotic scenes at the Super Bowl media hotel occurred Friday, when Jets QB Mark Sanchez walked down the hall towards his awaiting chauffeured vehicle. Sanchez was literally besieged by autograph seekers, per this original video. To Sanchez's credit, he appeared to... Read More

In present day NFL, there is not a more respected figure than Saints QB Drew Brees. Last year's Super Bowl Champ is both a Saints' team leader and a civic leader in New Orleans' road back after Hurricane Katrina.  Friday, Brees was about to head inside the Sheraton Downtown Dallas, but he got... Read More