Since the beginning of the 2008 season, I lead all NFL wide receivers with 35 touchdown receptions, including two in Sunday's comeback victory vs. the Vikings.  Q: Who am I?A: I am Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions.

Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is off to a fantastic start in 2011, leading the Bills to an impressive 2-0 start, entering Sunday's major test vs. the New England Patriots. Fitzpatrick has already thrown for 472 yards and four touchdowns during the early NFL campaign. After bouncing around the... Read More

A package from Eureka, California arrived at the Crestview Hills, Kentucky home of Cincinnati wide receiver Jerome Simpson and that's when the police moved in. The box contained 2.5 pounds of high grade marijuana (street value estimated at $15,000).  Inside the house, law enforcement allegedly... Read More

New York Giants safety Deon Grant has been the subject of controversy regarding his alleged "faking" of an injury Monday night against the St. Louis Rams. QB Sam Bradford was leading the Rams down the field, while employing a no-huddle offense. In an effort to slow down the Rams' momentum, Grant “... Read More

The key play in the New York Giants' victory over the St. Louis Rams on Monday night was a 65-yard return of a lateral pass picked up by linebacker Michael Boley. Boley punctuated his game-changing feat by firing the football at the wall behind the end zone. However, the bullet pass went directly... Read More