The "Turk" has a long tradition in pro football as being the team official who informs players that they need to see the head coach and bring their playbook, because that player has been cut. This season, the Tampa Bay Bucs have a new twist on an old practice. The Tampa Turk tells players on... Read More

The Oakland Raiderettes are in the news once again.  Nicole Rosenstiel is a former Oakland Raiderette, who is now a police officer in Vacaville, California. She's filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against the police department for sexual harassment and claims she has been ostracized because of... Read More

With fantasy football drafts looming, Yahoo! Sports posted an article regarding which NFL cities had the most fantasy football players.   The NFL locale with the highest number of players per capita was Green Bay, home of the defending champion Packers. The rest of the top... Read More

The Washington Redskins have not won the NFC East in 12 years and are picked by a Las Vegas sports book to go 4-12 this season. Despite all of this, Skins quarterback Rex Grossman is encouraged. In fact, he believes their divisional drought will come to an end in 2011. "Nobody's talking about... Read More

It has been quite awhile since the Oakland Raiders led the league in anything other than losing seasons, but times may be changing. Last year, they rose to 8-8 and now this.  Normally, hazing of rookies includes the singing of your college's fight songs or carrying veterans' pads after... Read More