The Women's World Cup is down to their final four teams and it certainly is not the four teams everyone predicted. The semifinals feature three long shots in Japan, Sweden and France, along with the US, which overcame several controversial calls by the Australian referee to eliminate the Samba... Read More

Speaking of Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two great Spanish rivals met in the finals of the Copa del Rey (the King's Cup) and Madrid scored a dramatic overtime goal to capture the Spanish national tournament 1-0 in Valencia. The team immediately flew back to the Spanish capital and the all-... Read More

Two Spanish soccer teams have bypassed the New York Yankees as the highest paid teams in the world, according to the average pay of their starting lineups. Barcelona's starters averaged $7.9 million followed by its major rival Real Madrid with $7.4 million. The Yankees came in at $6.8 million... Read More

On April 29, the much-ballyhooed Royal Wedding will take place in Westminster Abbey and Los Angeles will be represented. When Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot in London, David Beckham and his wife Victoria (Posh Girl Spice) will be among the invited guests in spite of the... Read More

A three-month old octopus is being trained to succeed the deceased, world-famous Paul, the psychic octopus who became a sensation by picking eight consecutive winners during the World Cup tournament in South Africa last year. Paul died last October at the age of two in Oberhausen, Germany,... Read More