How does an NBA team celebrate bringing their city its first professional championship in 52 years? They take a quick, four-hour detour to Las Vegas of course.Upon defeating the Golden State Warriors, in a Game 7 for the ages, the newly crowned NBA champion Cavaliers jetted to the Nevada desert for... Read More

In addition to catching a glimpse of ABC lead play-by-play man Mike Breen walking down a Cleveland street, correspondent Lance Martinez also captured this original photo of ABC lead analysts Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy strolling down the very same downtown roadway, prior to... Read More

With the 2016 NBA Finals back in Cleveland for Game 6, the lead ABC play-by-play crew will once again provide commentary for Thursday’s game. With this in mind, here is an original photo of Mike Breen walking down a Cleveland street last week, prior to Game 4 of the series.  The shot is... Read More

Here is an original photo of Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson signing autographs, as the Warriors departed The Ritz-Carlton Cleveland, prior to Friday’s shootaround.  The picture is provided by correspondent Lance Martinez.Despite all the pressures that go along with... Read More

This original photo showcases former NBA star/current ESPN broadcaster Tracy McGrady signing autographs in Cleveland, Friday afternoon, just before appearing on ESPN’s NBA program “The Jump.”The shot was gathered by correspondent Lance Martinez.The 37-year-old future hall of famer... Read More