Hulk Hogan Prior To Monday Night Raw Show (Photo)

Hulk Hogan is one of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time. His biggest years took place in the 1980's, when he reigned as the longstanding WWF champion and one of the most famous pop culture figures in the country. Hogan's career would later take him to WCW and then back to the now WWE, with a stint in the lesser-known TNA circuit.

Hogan's fame has enabled him to build a career outside of wrestling, starring in numerous commercials, movies and TV programs.

Recently, Shaan Khilnani submitted the above photo of Hulk signing autographs in Los Angeles, before a “Monday Night Raw” show at Staples Center. This was just a few days before “WrestleMania 31,” held at Levi's Stadium, in Santa Clara, California.

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