RDX Leather Pro Boxing Gloves Review

Choosing quality boxing gloves can be a bit tiresome since there are so many on the market. However, if you're looking for an all-around model, you should consider the RDX Leather Pro Boxing Gloves. These are among the most satisfying models on the market. They're durable, protective, comfortable, and quite easy to use, which are just some of the most important aspects of a good glove. RDX is a well-known brand in the industry. It’s been around for long enough to make a name thanks to the quality and performance its products deliver. These Leather Pro gloves are designed to be comfortable and protective during different types of combat. 

Continue reading as we discuss this impressive model, its materials, performance, size, etc. Below, you’ll find information on its features and specifications, as well as some bullet points for better insight.


Why You'll Like These Gloves 

         They’re protective and comfortable – Max-Shock technology provides solidity and fist support at all times. The low-density foam padding protects your fingers but doesn’t affect power. This makes the gloves ideal for both boxing and kickboxing.

         They’re made of durable materials – the primary material is Cow-Hide leather that’s resilient and durable. It’s a robust material that protects your hands from impact and injury. Also, the RDX Leather Pro won’t show any signs of use as quickly as most other models.

         They don’t absorb sweat – this pair features Moisture Wicking Technology along with a unique fist and knuckle design with airing holes.


Why These Gloves Aren't For You

         They run a bit small – RDX Leather Pro gloves are tight fitting and comfortable. There are a few sizes to choose from, but it’s crucial to note that all run a bit small. This means you might find your pair a bit too tight, depending on how big your hands are.

         The colors aren’t as durable – while the actual materials used are quite resistant, the paint of the gloves isn’t as long-lasting. White, red and black on the gloves might wear out somewhat quickly. Though this doesn’t affect the actual performance of the pair, it tends to ruin the appearance.



As we mentioned, these are made of Cow-Hide leather that’s extremely durable and resistant. Genuine leather resists signs of tear and wear for a long time. Other materials used are EVA and Max-Shock foam for padding and comfort.

On top of that, these feature reinforced double stitching for some added durability of materials. The combination of these materials delivers comfort and durability for a long time to come regardless of how frequently you use the pair.

While the colors might wear off, the materials, as well as the stitching will stay intact for an extended period.



These are quite comfortable thanks to the padding as well as general design. They feature a wrist strap that ensures your hand is securely fitted inside the glove. This adds a level of comfort since it helps make the gloves snuggly fit.

The enhanced padding throughout the Leather Pro makes it ideal for long hour training sessions and sparring competitions. On the inside, they’re soft and comfortable, but on the outside, they can deliver quite a punch. The softness and comfort of the inside don’t affect your ability to hit hard.



One of the best things about Leather Pro is the Takka Strap closure. It’s an improved system that helps achieve a comfortable fit while providing support to your wrists. This advanced design delivers a non-slip grip and allows you to take them on and off easily.

Since the appropriate wrist alignment is as important, the manufacturer made sure that these don’t lack anything in that department.

Low-density Max-Shock foam inside the glove also adds to the overall protection. It protects your fingers but doesn’t take away any of your power.



For padding, the manufacturer included four layers of internal gel padding. This provides some shock-resistance and keeps your hands safe and protected.

It’s quite an extensive padding, providing strong fit and protection at impact. Such impressive padding makes the RDX gloves ideal for kickboxing as well as boxing.

The entire interior is made to resist moisture, so there are minimal chances of sweat absorption. This type of padding is quite durable and won’t show any signs of wear as quickly as other models in its price range.



For ventilation, RDX included its unique Moisture Wicking technology. It’s an exclusive knuckle and fist design that features airing holes in the palm for some more ventilation and moisture resistance.

This is ideal for if you live in naturally hot areas where the temperature is high. It helps prevent excessive sweating of your palms, which could otherwise affect your performance. This type of ventilation stimulates bacterial defense and allows quick drying for added comfort.

It’s unlikely you’ll find them too hot to wear even when the temperatures get high. Since you’ll naturally produce some sweat, the gloves will absorb and dry it quickly.



These come in three sizes allowing you to choose from 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. All of the sizes fit snuggly and are fairly easy to put on and take off.

However, they run somewhat small, so you might experience difficulties figuring out which size is the best for you. The manufacturer offers a sizing chart that you should consult with for some help. If you find yourself between two sizes, you might want to consider going for the bigger one.

Make sure the size you select fits you snuggly yet comfortable. While there shouldn’t be too much movement inside the glove itself, you also don’t want it to be too tight.

They aren’t the most lightweight on the market, and that’s mostly due to the added padding. However, they’re still not too heavy to work with even during long-hour sessions.


Used for What type of Combat

These are sparring gloves and work the best for that type of combat. Thanks to the comfortable and contoured design, the RDX Leather Pro supports your wrists and fingers during those intensive fights.

They’re ideal for long-hour workouts and training sessions but aren’t as suitable for competition. This is mostly due to their size given that they weigh 1.04kg or 34 ounces.


Final Thoughts

At this point, you probably have a good understanding of why this is one of the most popular pairs on the market. Leather Pro boxing gloves are easy to use since it takes a moment to put them on and take them off.

They’re suitable for sparring and lengthy workouts, and they won’t show any signs of wear and tear as easily. The paint might wear off depending on how frequently you use them, but that will in no way affect the overall performance of the pair.

If you’re a passionate boxer or kickboxer, you should give these a chance for their durability, comfort, and protection. They’re quite affordable given the quality they deliver, which makes them worth your attention.


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