Football Dad Bites Police Officers

Dejuan Wells bites policeEarlier this month, Dejuan Wells was on hand watching his son's pee-wee league team in Indianapolis. Near the game's conclusion, Wells took offense to a referee's call on an opponent's touchdown.

Instead of displaying good sportsmanship in front of his five-year-old, the 27-year-old began yelling and cursing at the referee. 

He then ran after the official, when two off-duty police officers, who were watching their sons play for the opposing team, tried to diffuse the disturbance. 

Eventually, they tried to take Wells into custody, so he started biting them.

"He wouldn't let go," said officer Tyneka Poland.  "You can still see the teeth marks." 

Both officers had to get tetanus and hepatitis-B shots afterwards. 

Wells was arrested and faces numerous charges, including resisting arrest and battery on a police officer by bodily waste. 

The above photo shows the damaged inflicted by Wells.