Obama cites ESPN as key to successful marriage

In an interview with People Magazine, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama took a moment to discuss the television viewing habits of the first family.  Without question, one of their answers resulted in a loud ovation heard throughout the hallways of ESPN's headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

The President expressed his love of sports programming, while noting that ESPN's "SportsCenter" is usually the program of choice when Mr. and Mrs. Obama work out together in the mornings.

According to the interview, Mrs. Obama's knowledge of sports has grown as a result of this viewing decision.

"I tend to be much more informed about sports than I'd like", explained the First Lady. 

In response, the President shared his opinion of his wife's evolving sports awareness.

"No, that's not true," said Mr. Obama.  "Michelle actually knows her sports, which is important in our marriage."

So, it appears another cornerstone of a strong marriage has been discovered.  Open communication, unwavering support and ESPN.