Curtis Leskanic Driving Drunk Records A .331

Curtis Leskanic DUICurtis Leskanic was a pitcher on the 2004 world champion Boston Red Sox and is currently listed as a pitching coach at Lake Mary High School near Orlando; at least he is for now. 

Leskanic was arrested last Monday evening when police found him asleep at the wheel in the middle lane of a Central Florida road. Not able to follow simple instructions, including touching his nose, the 43-year-old later recorded a blood alcohol level of .331 at the police station, much lower than his lifetime ERA of 4.36, but considerably higher than the Florida state limit of .08. 

Sadly, Leskanic's five-year-old daughter was in the vehicle with him during the incident and he could not even explain where he had picked her up from soccer practice. 

Leskanic was charged with driving under the influence and child neglect.