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At any level of baseball, one of the most important pieces of equipment is a high quality bat. Not only does the ideal bat have to feel comfortable to the hitter, particularly in the areas of weight and grip comfort, it also should provide the baseball player with the greatest opportunity for offensive productivity. In order to achieve success on the diamond, athletes must find the right combination of talent, work ethic and equipment. The right bat can considerably enhance the ballplayers overall level of achievement.

When considering what kind of bat to purchase, parents and kids alike should possess an understanding of the top rated bats on the market. The make, model and specifications of a bat can make all the difference in the world.


Easton YB14S200 S200 Youth Baseball Bat


The Easton S200 Youth is a rock solid bat engineered with high quality durable aluminum alloy that creates a light swing weight for kids. It is well designed to perfectly suit the needs of the younger player, crafted with lightweight material that allows for maximum swing power, while maintaining a great sweet spot.

The bat’s cushioned grip ensures that batter’s hands rest comfortably at all times, allowing the hitter to have total control over the bat. The comfortable grip is backed up with the ultra-thin handle diameter designed to produce zero vibration. The grip is also constructed to avoid issues with the bat slipping off your hands in case of sweating, guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort that will boost the player’s confidence.

Easton S200 offers a balanced craftsmanship design, producing a light swing weight. Hitters will not only realize an increase in bat speed, but also the great power it generates. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the bat definitely exceeds its price point expectations.

Features and Specifications

· 12-Month Manufacturer's Warranty

· -10 Length to Weight Ratio

· Durable Aluminum Alloy for Fast Swing Speed

· Approved for Play in AABC, Pony, Little League, Dixie, Babe Ruth, and USSSA

· Ultra-thin 29/32" handle with cushioned grip

· 2 1/4"

· Features USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp

· One-Piece, Alloy Construction

Customer Reviews and Scores

The aluminum alloy used to make the bat is a favorite of reviewers. It is pointed out that the bat generates fewer dents, due to the durable material. Users also enjoy the lightweight feel, which produces easier swings and more power.

21 customer reviews have awarded the Easton YB14S200 S200 Youth Baseball Bat 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive in general, but there were a few negative points raised. For instance, one customer said, “The bat was great at first, but then after about a month of use it ended up dented. Would not recommend for older kids.”

However, this difficulty is not widespread according to other reviewers, so it does not appear to be a major problem.


This bat is comfortable, durable, safe, and performance oriented. Its lightweight feel provides great benefit to young players. Plus, the bat is backed by a one-year warranty, providing a level of peace of mind to the buyer. 

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Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat


If you are looking for control, bat speed and an overall superb performing product, the Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat may be the bat for you. This bat is evenly balanced and designed to be super lightweight. But, is this bat worth your hard earned money? And what exactly is it that separates this bat from the competition?

The Easton S50 is made entirely of aluminum alloy, which means that unlike with composite bats, “wall thickness” is a major benefit to this bat. The wall thickness in the S50 meets the current industry standard, allowing for a wider sweet spot. Many customers, particularly on Amazon can verify these claims.

This Easton youth baseball bat’s handle is extremely thin, at just 29/32 inches. The grip on this bat is very easy for young batters to hold on to. Many younger players possess smaller palm widths. This prominent feature on the S50 allows younger players to get a proper grip on the bat, which produces an easier swing.

The S50 is known to have a -10 drop; this is something most baseball players prefer. Power hitters in particular prefer this kind of drop because it allows for a variety of swings and approaches.

The BPF (Bat Performance Score) on the S50 is 1.15, which is standard in the industry. This score conforms to the USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) standards of excellence. This score is also a representation of the bats “trampoline-like” effect achieved through its barrel. This means that the “kickback” effect on the S50’s barrel is similar to that of a wooden bat. This score is also a representation of the bat’s safety. It is approved for all little league games including the major divisions.

The S50 has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which shows that the bat is well thought of by many. However, this bat is not without its flaws. Some complain of bending when going up against strong pitchers. This belief is not common and can probably be attributed to one of a few faulty products. The bat also seems to be slightly on the expensive side to some purchasers.



The Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat is an amazing bat and well worth the money. It provides a very enjoyable experience for those that use it. It gives you that sweet spot feeling, while providing smooth, quick swings. Its barrel is very balanced, so hits with this bat can feel effortless. If you are looking for the perfect bat for your little leaguer aspiring for the majors, the Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat is an ideal bat for you.

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Easton YB14S300 S300 Youth Baseball Bat

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The Easton YB14S300 S300 Youth Baseball Bat is an ideal entry level bat for young players.

This product is part of the Speed Brigade range from Easton and was designed with speed improvement in mind. The bat helps players with its light swing weight, allowing most users to achieve an increase in speed and power. The ultra-thin handle is another great feature, because it helps players to have a better control of their bat. 

What makes the bat a remarkable product is that it stands the test of time, due to the use of strong materials in its construction, such as the 7046 Aircraft Alloy. Also, this is a one-piece youth bat and the handle design includes a cushioned grip, which makes it extremely comfortable during use. This product also features the USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp.

Features and specifications 

• Built from 7046 Aircraft Alloy

• Designed for fast swing speed

• Handle has a cushioned grip

• Built with an ultra-thin handle: 29/32" 

• Barrel size: 2 1/4"

• Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Customer reviews and scores

"Excellent bat. Nice feel and balance. It was popular on the kid’s team and lots of other players wanted to borrow it. Even some shorter kids who usually wouldn't use a bat this long. Its performance was great in practice and games and is very sharp looking. It is easy to pick out. Its diameter is what it is, the league my kids are in requires this size. Would strongly recommend this bat. "

This is an extremely popular youth baseball bat with almost 90 customer reviews for this product at the time of writing this article. The people who have reviewed this bat have awarded the Easton YB14S300 S300 Youth Baseball Bat 4.7 stars out of 5 possible.

One complaint involves the bat’s size, but the company offers multiple choices and sizes, so each customer can carefully choose the one that is best for its current needs.  

Keeping in mind the price and great reviews, this product seems like a strong recommendation for a player that has just started learning to hit.



The Easton YB14S300 S300 Youth Baseball Bat is best suited as an entry level bat, but its quality is superior to other similar products in this price range. Players will be able to use this bat for a long period of time, so it proves to be a good investment in a quality product, that will also help young players develop their skills.



Easton YB14S500 Youth Baseball Bat



Easton YB14S500 Youth Baseball Bat is a one-piece bat made of aluminum alloy throughout. The alloy is strong and light providing a large sweet spot and balanced swing weight. The length to weight ratio has a difference of 13 ounces making it one of the lightest youth baseball bats available on the market. You will also love the very attractive design. If you need help swinging a bat faster through the hitting zone, then this is the bat for you. Easton is known to produce bats of great quality thus guaranteeing the same in YB14S500 Youth Baseball Bat. The handle is slim, with a comfortable grip. The bat comes with a one-year warranty against defects. The bat is of improved quality as it serves as a replacement of the preceding Easton Reflex Baseball Bat. It comes in five sizes catering to kids and youthful baseball players. 

Easton YB14S500 Youth Baseball Bat has several strong features including:

The handle is ultra-thin which always manifests itself as a standard requirement by all baseball players. The barrel has a small diameter to fit into children's hands. It also features a grip that is fine and comfortable to your hands. The handle is also durable and can therefore endure many games.

The whole bat is made of aluminum alloy, which is light, thus giving you fast swing speeds. It also provides an impeccable surface for hitting the ball.

The height to weight ratio of the bat is also well balanced at a difference of 13. This compensates for players with slow swinging speeds. The length provided is also good throughout the players height range.

It has a reduced barrel diameter and can therefore be held tightly by children. The slim design is also attractive and suitable for all.


-It has an attractive design
-The light alloy structure provides high swing speeds.
-It is made of strong material for durability
-It has a slim handle
-It comes with a one year warranty.


-Its price is slightly higher 



The inherent qualities of the baseball bat make it a good value for your money. The bat has been rated highly by other users with 4.5 to 5 stars and is legal for Little League. If you are always let down by your slow bat speed then the S500 is here for your rescue. Let your children have fun with this slim fit-in-hand bat.

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Final Thoughts


Baseball is a wonderful game that has been a mainstay of American recreation dating back to the 1800’s. The sport promotes the goal of achieving both individual and team accomplishment, while spending time outdoors bonding with teammates and family. No matter one’s size or speed, baseball allows for the aspiring athlete to find the role that best serves their abilities. Whether you hit for power, average, or possess the ability to lay down a bunt, the game ensures that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the team’s offensive success.

Knowing what to look for when researching the make, model and specifications of a bat will put an aspiring Mike Trout or Bryce Harper in the best possible position to get the most out of their involvement in the grand old game.