The Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, you're probably already struggling with daily activities let alone playing basketball. Things like prolonged walking and standing usually end up in painful symptoms, so basketball can make things that much worse.  

However, don't be discouraged since there is some good news. Technologies advanced well so flat feet aren't such a big issue anymore if you have the right shoes. And, luckily, there are some basketball shoes for flat feet as well. 

Regardless of how you obtained flat feet, you've probably found the issue frustrating, to say the least. Intense physical activity can be quite painful if you're not wearing proper footwear. 

For this reason, we searched the market for the best basketball shoes for flat feet and found some impressive models. These are the most popular, quality pieces coming from several reliable brands.  

Below, you'll find the best sneakers for flat feet as well as a little guide on the things you should consider prior purchasing. 


Top Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet 

Nike Air Foamposite 

These old school shoes are a rare model. They're popular for their futuristic colors and lines but also the level of comfort they provide.  

You might hear people refer them as alien sneakers because of the colors, combination of materials and flowing lines. It’s a classic Nike model that has resisted the modern and advanced shoe designs, and for this reason, it’s one of the most unique-looking ones on the market. 

These feature a Foamposite upper, Zoom Air-Sole and polyurethane midsole. They also have a translucent rubber outsole for some added traction on the hardwood.  

The synthetic leather material enhances the looks while the combination of Foamposite base and polyurethane midsole enhances comfort. You’ll feel like walking on a soft surface so that the painful symptoms won’t bother you during games.  


Many sizes and colors  

Excellent ankle support 

Easy to clean 


Runs a bit small 


Under Armour Steph Curry 

These sneakers are the collaboration between Stephen Curry and Under Armour. They’re cushioned and soft, so they’re a popular choice among players with flat feet.  

The sole is flat and cushioned, so you won’t feel any discomfort you usually feel when wearing regular sneakers. Another thing that adds to the overall comfort is the meta-wing carbon fiber shank. It provides stability allowing you to move freely.  


These are great for all people who love to move fast on the court because the comfort and stability are at the highest level.  

Under Armour delivered a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from. Some are solid while others are combos of white and black with bright color accents.  

It’s also safe to say that the sneakers are true to size so you should experience any problems with finding the best fit for your feet. 


A wide range of colors 

Suede sole 

Great ankle support 


A bit tricky to clean 


Nike Hyper Dunk 2015 

The Hyperdunk series has been among the most popular since 2008 and in 2015 with an even lighter and more dynamic men’s shoe. 

If you’re into colorful shoes, you’ll love these. There’s a wide variety of options from bright blue, purple and red, to some simpler grey/black combinations. 

These are synthetic and feature a rubber sole. The heel and forefoot feature the Zoom Air technology that provides responsive cushioning and low-profile of the shoe.  

The overall design and shape allow quick and easy movement on the hardwood as well as other surfaces. Plus, the innovative high-top enhances comfort and lockdown while helping flexibility. 

It’s the Hyperfuse construction that makes these so comfortable for people with flat feet. It’s supportive, breathable and quite durable. Most of the durability comes from the solid rubber and herringbone pattern that’s featured. 



Easy to clean 

Flexible and comfortable 


Might be tight 


Adidas Men’s Dual Threat 

These high-top basketball sneakers have a round-toe design and come in several different colors. It’s a perfect combination of synthetic, textile and mesh materials that provide comfort, maneuverability, and durability.  

The soft fabric lining and lightly padded textile footbed snug your feet and provide all the comfort you’d need on the court. This combination allows long hours of playing without feeling any soreness. 

Also, they’re slightly deeper, so they hug your ankles tightly for more support. This allows you to move swiftly with less possibility of ankle injuries. The lace-up closure secures the shoe even more. 

The outsole is made of rubber and is quite durable and easy to maintain. For this reason, you can use these shoes to play on grass as well. 


High top 

For all floor surfaces 

Enhanced ankle support 


Sizes run small 


Nike Air Max Infuriate 

Air Max is probably among the most popular shoe series ever. The brand expanded, so now you can find several different Air Max sneakers suitable for various sports and types of players.  

The Infuriate basketball shoes are made of a combination of synthetic and mesh materials for comfort, durability and light weight.  

Its rubber sole and padded collar and tongue provide all the comfort you need on court. Even if you play for hours at the time, the shoes provide enough support and flexibility for you to enjoy the game. 

The entire design is seamless, so there’s less weight on your feet. Plus, it allows breathability which is great if you play often and for hours. Nike also included its Flywire technology for better lockdown and support on your entire foot. 



Breathable design 

Darker designs 


Might be too tight 


Nike Lebron Soldier 

Lebron Soldier is another great shoe by Nike especially if you have flat feet and are struggling to play basketball. They feature a rubber sole, so there’s an enhanced grip on all surfaces from hardwood to concrete. 

The synthetic material and elegant design attract attention regardless of the color you opt for. Plus, these feature a unique layer for some added breathability and support on your feet. 

The sneakers have ZoomAir units in the rearfoot, forefoot and the heel. This provides active cushioning, which means they stay comfortable for hours throughout your game. On top of that, these are quite lightweight so they won’t weigh you down in any way. 

For some more durability and comfort, Nike included perforated foam as one of the materials. Plus, the outer sole is made of rubber to provide increased traction and multi-directional movement. 






Tricky to get on 


Nike Lebron 15 Low 

Lebron 15 is among the most stylish and attractive basketball shoes currently on the market. They come in several colors with grey being the most popular among athletes. 

These feature a rubber sole and the Flyknit upper for a better stretch, support and comfort. For this reason, Lebron 15 is a good choice if you play often and for hours at the time.  

It’s worth noting that the shoe is quite tight and fits like a sock. This has its benefits as there’s unmatched support and a snug feel. However, if you have wider feet, you might not enjoy the fit as much. 

Plus, these feature the Max Air heel units for added comfort and cushioning. It’s especially useful if you play on hardwood and concrete. The heel enhances the overall style quite a bit. The Lebron 15 features Zoom Air forefoot cushioning as well. 



Cushioned heel 



Not waterproof 


Nike PG's 

The PG’s come in a black/white color combination and are super lightweight for those long hour training sessions. They’re made of synthetic and rubber as the two best materials to look for on basketball sneakers. 

The rubber sole provides traction and cushioning, so you don’t feel any soreness after your game. Still, there’s enough traction for you to move quickly regardless of the surface you play on. 

These feature the signature midfoot strap you may have seen on other Nike shoes. The strap enhances lockdown fit and ensures your foot stays securely in the shoe. 

The shoe is unique thanks to the enhanced flex that allows the best maneuverability on the court. You’ll no longer feel the painful symptoms due to flat feet. Another thing that helps the overall feel is the Nike Zoom Air unit that delivers responsive cushioning. 


Rubber outsole 


Easy to clean 


Not the best ankle support 


Kobe's Mamba Instinct 

Kobe Mamba Instinct is one of the best choices if you’re looking for ankle support, comfort and durability. On top of that, they’re super stylish, and you can even wear them as everyday shoes. There are many colors to choose from although most are on the darker side of the spectrum. 

These feature Nike’s Flyweave technology that brings breathability to the design but also makes them quite supportive. The TPU yarn adds to the durability and stability of the shoe. 

Unlike many other shoes on the market, these are somewhat wide which allows you to insert any custom orthotics. Still, they are narrower than other Mamba Instinct shoes. 

These are ideal for swift movement and quick directional changes. It’s thanks to the Lunarlon midsole and Flyweave upper you’ll feel comfortable and stable at all times.  


Ideal for high arches 

Great ankle support 

Stable and durable 


Plastic insole 


KD 8 Shoes 

If you like your shoes to be colorful and bright, you should consider KD 8. These are made of fabric and come in many bright colors that will match any outfit you on and off the court. 

The rubber sole and Flyweave construction allow full comfort, lightweight and flexible feel. These are highly supportive which allows you to move and change directions quickly regardless of the floor surface.  

Its Flywire cables featured on the forefoot lock your feet down, so there’s maximum stability during hard cuts. This makes the KD 8 quite versatile and ideal for several other sports as well. 

Another thing worth mentioning is Phylon and rubber; both added for cushioning, durability and traction. Plus, the shoes feature Zoom Air units for the best responsiveness and ultimate control. 


Swift movement 

Breathable design 

Stable fit 


Takes a while to break in 


KD 5's 

Nike’s KD 5 is slightly different than the KD 8. The first difference you might notice is that the KD 5’s come in darker colors with a few colorful details here and there as opposed to full-color designs of the KD 8. 

These have a synthetic sole and are among the most comfortable shoes by Nike. Synthetic material is featured throughout the shoe, so the overall construction is quite lightweight and easy to clean.  

Still, it features a forefoot Zoom Air unit for responsive cushioning and some more comfort for high arches. Add this along with the dynamic lacing system, and you’ll understand why these are an excellent choice for flat feet.  

The lacing system allows you to customize the fit to the shape of your feet. Plus, these have an articulated rubber outsole for enhanced traction on the court. They’re durable and allow you to move quickly on the hardwood as well as concrete. 

It’s a tight fit, so that’s something you should keep in mind. Though lacing provides some customization, the shoes aren’t the most comfortable if you have wide feet. 


Easy to clean 

Good ankle support 

Breathable design 


A bit tight 


Nike Kyrie 

Kyrie’s are those sleek and modern shoes you keep seeing on the court. These come in several color combinations each of them being attractive and fierce.  

Just by looking at them, you can understand why they’re as popular. However, there’s more to this shoe than just the design as it performs equally as impressive on the hardwood as well as concrete.  

The Kyrie features suede sole that gives you the freedom to move around. It’s cushioned and helps with running, which is often a struggle with flat feet. 

The mesh upper is featured on all the shoes of the Kyrie series. It has molded channels that reduce stiffness and add to the durability so your shoes last several seasons.  

Its strapping and lacing secures the fit and ensures your feet are safely in the shoe throughout the game.  


Great ankle support 

Sleek design 



Bit tighter than other Nike shoes 


Can You Be an Athlete with Flat Feet? 

The problem of flat feet doesn’t actually have to be a problem at all. Most people experience no issues and can lead a normal life playing different sports and activities. 

However, others might struggle with pain and flexibility of feet. When feet aren’t flexible, they’re sore, in which case it can be quite hard to play any sports. 

Luckily, there are many modifications and techniques nowadays that can help you play sports with flat feet. You should, however, consult with your doctor before using any of them. 

So, the answer is positive since you can actually be an athlete with flat feet as long as you find the right footwear and techniques to help you in the process. 


Buyers Consideration 


Comfort is always the most important thing when it comes to buying basketball shoes. The matter is that much more critical if you have flat feet. 

It’s essential you find a comfortable pair that can get you through your training session without ending with sore feet. Consider those with heavy cushioning and soft materials. Your sneakers should be flexible, so they move along with your feet as you run and make quick cuts. 

Another thing that might help you is enhanced ankle support. Sneakers that go up to your ankles usually have a better grip on your feet and tend to be more comfortable. 



Interestingly, basketball shoes for flat feet range quite a lot when it comes to price. You can find some really affordable models while there are also those that cost a few hundreds of dollars.  

However, the price doesn’t always have to do with quality and comfort. In most cases, it has more to do with the brand, popularity of the collection and how recently it came out. 

What you should focus on is finding the golden middle. Decide on the price number you’re comfortable with and consider only those sneakers that are quality and cushioned.  



Basketball shoes usually have somewhat flat rubber soles. Most quality models feature wide soles with herringbone pattern for better traction and stability for those quick moves on the court. 

Soles on indoor sneakers are usually a bit thinner in order to achieve lighter weight for better movement. Outdoor soles are thick and also a bit more durable. It’s crucial to pay attention to this part of your shoe because it’s what will absorb the most shock. 



Basketball sneakers come in a wide range of different styles, designs, and colors. For this reason, there’s a sneaker for everyone’s style preferences.  

Most brands offer several different collections that all range in designs and colors. This allows you to develop your own unique style and choose according to it. 

So, you can get anything from colorful and bright sneakers to all-single-color models to match the rest of your gear and equipment.  


Final Thoughts 

Having flat feet is no longer the major issue it used to be. Nowadays, technologies have developed enough to provide support and help in playing sports. 

As you can see, pretty much all major brands came out with sneakers for flat feet. All that you should do is think about what you consider a comfortable shoe that could help you enjoy activities such as basketball. 

Think about the cushioning you want and the overall support that you would benefit from the most. The little details are actually quite crucial in determining the overall comfort on the court.  

If you’ve already found your favorite pair on the list above, all that’s left is to select the right size and colors to fit the rest of your gear before you hit the court. 


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