Best Football Cleats for 2019

Football Cleats are used in many sports in order to provide traction on certain surfaces. However, football is where we see them most often as they're an essential part of a player's gear.

Some places rent cleats, but if you play rather often, you should have your own pair. They aren't as expensive, and you can always find some by an affordable brand. Their price ranges as does their quality.

We searched the market to find the best football cleats for you in terms of quality, comfort, durability, and efficiency. But, before we proceed to the versatile list of models, take a moment to read our buyer’s guide if you need some help in choosing the right pair.

Buyer’s Guide


Almost all sports gear brands now have their own cleats, and you’ll often see some of the most popular players wear the most popular brands.

However, there’s more to that than just the name. It’s usually the right decision to go for the best and highest-ranked, but why?

It’s simple; high-quality names usually do a great job at making quality products that live up to the expectation. As a result, some of the world’s best brands make the greatest cleats in terms of comfort, efficiency, and longevity.

Still, you shouldn’t focus solely on the brand but rather the particular shoe you want. Although the manufacturer does say a lot about the shoe, that shouldn’t be taken as a rule. Instead, look at each model objectively and choose the one that actually fits your needs regardless of the name it carries. 


Headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, Nike is the world’s largest supplier of sports shoes and appeal. It was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports before changing the name to Nike in 1971.

They make cleats, shorts, jerseys, and shoes for a wide range of sports like baseball, tennis, ice hockey, football, lacrosse, cricket, basketball, etc. The brand sells shoes and appeal for running, tennis, American football, basketball, association football, golf, and athletics, cross training, wresting, auto training and much more.

Under Armour

Under Armour is an American company that makes footwear, sports, and casual appeal. Its headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland but the brand also has offices all over the world.

It was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. Kevin was 24 at the time and began the business from his grandma’s basement. Their big break didn’t come until 1999 when Under Armour made outfits for two Warner Brother movies.

The brand makes athletic shoes, jackets, hoodies, shirts, shorts, and leggings as well as protective gear and accessories. It’s among the best brands for cleats.


You usually have to get specific cleats for the particular sport you’re playing following its rules. However, keep in mind that cleats are only useful when they’re comfortable. They have to be just right on your feet; not too hard or too soft.

They also have to be the right size so you shouldn’t pay with a pair that’s too small or too big either.

Cleats should offer support but above all, be comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable in your cleats, the discomfort will most definitely show in how you play.

For this reason, consider the size of the spikes, as well as the general weight of the shoes. Think about whether you want a low-, mid- or high-cut.

These are just the small details you should think about before you opt for a specific pair. In most cases, every little detail reflects in comfort, but it’s all mostly a matter of preference.

Strong Support

Football cleats should support your ankle but also be comfortable at the same time. The support is there to prevent injuries as well as give you the confidence to run and cut on the field.

The best way to test if a specific model can offer enough support and traction is to try it on. Go around shops a little and make sure to try all the ones you like. Keep in mind that cleats should match your playing position and go from there.

There are three different types of cleats that offer a different level of support and stability. High-cut goes all the way up to the ankle and is the most supportive kind. It’s a bit heavy which is why it’s best for centers, guards, and linebackers.

Mid-cut is a bit lower and looser than high-cut. It offers moderate support but better mobility. It’s perfect for cornerbacks, running backs and mobile quarterbacks.

Low-cut is lightweight and offers the best agility. It’s best for tight ends, wide receivers and free safeties.

Strong Stability

Stability is directly connected to support that your cleats provide. In most cases, the more support means more stability.

You can only give your maximum if you have shoes that are supportive and stable. When you have that, you also have more confidence, and it’s easier for you to make sharp cuts and shake off other players.

Spikes at the bottom of your cleats have a critical role in stability and traction. You can choose from molded and detachable spikes depending on your preferences and needs.

Molded spikes are attached to the cleat and give solid traction. These are usually used by high school teams, youth leagues, and casual players because they're less sharp and a bit cheaper than others.

Detachable spikes are stronger and longer, and you can remove and replace them. This versatility allows you to change them as you change position on the field. These are used by college teams, high-school teams, and professional players.

Reliable Traction

Traction is crucial for making sharp cuts and sprinting. For this reason, traction is equally as important as stability, and comfort and other factors. It’s what gives you confidence and helps prevent any injuries due to slipping on the grass.

It often depends on the type of spikes you go for. Those that are stronger and longer usually provide better traction, but you also have to check the material they’re made of.

Polyurethane is durable and ideal for harsh weather, and it's elastic and flexible. Thermoplastic Polyurethane is water resistant and lightweight. It’s great for extreme temperatures and doesn’t show signs of tear and wear as easily.

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or EVA is durable and flexible. It’s ideal for hot and cold weather since it doesn’t crack in extreme conditions. It’s equally suitable for wet and dry weather.

Best Football Cleats


Under Armour Men's Highlight MC Football Cleats

These are synthetic high-cut cleats that come in many colors to choose from. They feature UA ClutchFit upper wraps serving you like a second skin for supreme support, power, and comfort.

The lightweight material supports the critical contours of your foot, as well as muscles and joints. They fit tightly but have just enough flexibility to allow you unbothered movement.

Its 3D molded MPZ tongue adapts to the form of your foot and severs as another layer of protection. The extended eyebrow cut-outs give you ease of entry, so you only need a few seconds to get in and out the cleats.

These have a molded 4D Foam footbed that adapts to the shape of your foot. The ability helps eliminate cleat pressure and slippage when on the field.

The spikes aren’t replaceable but are molded into the sole. They’re great for youth leagues, high-school and casual players.

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Under Armour Men's Highlight MC Football Cleat

If you’re looking for flexible yet supportive high-cut cleats, you should consider these by Under Armour. They are synthetic and come in many colors and sizes that are true to the measurement chart.

The UA ClutchFit is often referred to as second skin because it molds to your ankle as you move. As a result, the cleats support your foot and provide a secure feel.

They feature a 3D molded tongue that also adapts to your foot and is quite comfortable. The tongue serves as a layer of protection, too.

For footbed, the manufacturer chose 4D foam that molds to the shape of your foot. It provides a comfortable and customized fit. Their V56 technology helps prevent over-extension even during long-hour games.

Another thing that sets these apart from other UA cleats is the PlasmaX plate. It follows the natural motion of your feet allowing supreme stability and reliable traction.

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Nike Men's Force Savage Shark 

Nike’s Force Savage Shark cleats are among the most popular models by the brand. So popular they had to make a version of the shoe for boys as well.

These are synthetic and have a rubber sole. The choice of materials plays a critical role in their overall weight. As a result, they are lightweight and offer great mobility on all kinds of surfaces regardless of the weather.

The model comes in several different colors and sizes to choose from. They run fairly true to the size so just follow Nike’s measurement chart. The high-cut fit provides support and confidence regardless of your position on the field.

In most cases, they are recommended to college players and everyone who players quite often as they’re durable and resistant.

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Under Armour Highlight MC Football Cleat

Vontaze Burfict, Kyle Fuller, Eddie Lacy, and Ryan Mathews are just a few most elite players who wore these cleats. The model comes in black, white combined with silver but there are several sizes to choose from.

Much like other UA cleats, these feature the well-known ClutchFit technology that wraps your foot and severs as a second skin by the words of the manufacturer. This gives you excellent support and comfortable feel.

Another thing we’ve seen with UA cleats is the 3D-molded tongue that also protects your foot. It provides added comfort and support. On top of that, the 4D Foam footbed reduces pressure and adapts to your feet with ease.

The V56 technology limits toe hyperextension while the UA PlasmaX plate follows the natural motion and provides maximum stability and traction. These weight about 10.8 oz. and are great for high-school and college players.

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NIKE Mens Alpha Pro 2 3/4 TD

If you’re more into low-cut cleats, you should definitely consider the Alpha Pro by Nike. These are flexible yet sturdy enough, so there’s enough support, traction, and power.

They are made of synthetic leather with a rubber sole. These materials allowed reduced weight, so the shoes are mobile and easy to maneuver in. However, leather also improves its durability and overall comfort.

These feature the FlyWire technology that provides excellent lockdown. The ¾-cut adds to mobility and comfort while the asymmetrical design helps them stand out.

The overall choice of materials and the shape of the cleat offer just the right amount of cushioning and support. The low-profile forefoot gives you the responsiveness and stable feel a cleat should have.

It comes in many vibrant colors from yellow, orange and blue, to red and purple. It also comes in basic black and white.

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Adidas Men's Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Cleats

Adidas is a well-known name, and we’ve all seen some of the best athletes in the world wear and use their gear and equipment. Therefore, it’s no surprise their Adizero 5-Star found their place on our list for their durability, reliability and overall performance.

They’re synthetic and lightweight with a low-cut design. Because they’re low, they can’t really support the ankle as well, but they offer supreme mobility and comfort. The anatomical lace closure supports the foot and makes it easy to get in and out of the cleat.

The SprintFrame plate with SprintStuds allows you to use these in all weather conditions regardless of the surface. With the compression-molded EVA lining and sock-like construction, you’ll feel the cleat hugging your foot.

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Adidas Men's Adizero 5-Star 5.0

If you liked Adidas 7.0 cleats, but you’re more into mid-cut models, you should check out their 5.0 Adizero. It’s a similar cleat, but with an extended cut, so you get better ankle support.

The 5.0 is also synthetic and with a synthetic sole. The technology is called SprintSkin, and it’s a single layer of synthetic material designed to reduce weight and increase support. With this, you get more confidence on the field as your feet are tightly secured.

These come in several combinations of black, white and silver. The only color option is red, but there are a few sizes to choose from.

The 5-star frame outsole provides superior traction and mobility on different surfaces. It’s also suitable for wet and dry conditions as well as extreme temperatures. It features a synthetic lining that enhances its comfort.

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Nike Mens Field General Pro TD

The combination of fabrics featured in Nike Men’s Field General allows optimal mobility, comfort, and protection regardless of the field or weather.

Synthetic fabric and durable mesh upper part allow breathability. This means you can wear them when it’s warm and humid outside even when you’re playing for hours. It also means they’re quite lightweight.

For comfort, Nike chose a low-profile EVA foam sockliner. It’s tight and comfortable on your feet, so you’re able to focus on the game. The ¾-length Phylon wedge midsole gives even more support and cushioning.

The cleat features TPU plate with seven spikes for reliable traction even on wet grass. Another four supplemental spikes enhance the traction at toe-off.

These come in several sizes and a few vibrant combinations of blue, black and white. Some sizes are available in yellow.

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Adidas Performance Men's Filthyquick 2.0 MD


These synthetic Adidas cleats are among the most popular choices for high school, college and casual players. Their unique design brought them popularity but so did the performance they provided.

Forefoot overlays provide support and keep your foot centered over the plate. As a result, your cuts and lateral movements are quicker and sharper.

The insole is made from molded ethylene vinyl acetate, and it adapts to the shape of your foot. It’s comfortable and flexible at the same time.

Adidas included their new quick frame plate for increased flex toward the forefoot which reduces injuries on the field. The cleat also features detachable sprintcleat technology that gives you more versatility and less pressure.

They might be a bit tricky to put on and take off, but that’s due to the lacing. Though it provides added support, the lacing takes some time to get used to.

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Football Cleats with Ankle Support


Nike Men's Lunarbeast Elite

As you know, Nike is always the one to put out many different color options for all their cleats. The Lunarbeast Elite is among their best-selling models thanks to the unique design and efficiency.

These synthetic cleats feature Nike’s special NikeSkin technology that the brand already featured before. It allows them to achieve a lightweight cleat that still offers a satisfactory level of durable support.

Another impressive feature is the FlyWire technology. It delivers midfoot lockdown and helps achieve stability when on the field. This also makes the shoes suitable for all kinds of weather and extreme conditions.

Lunarbeast is designed for linebackers, linemen and defensive ends. The high-cut collar gives you enough stability allowing you to be quick and aggressive at all times. It’s tight around the ankles which might make it hard to put on for some.

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Under Armour Men's Highlight MC-Limited Edition

These manmade cleats with synthetic sole have a lightweight fit and are quite comfortable. They support the ankle as well as the foot, so you’re able to move around the field regardless of your position.

The form-fitting CompFit ankle construction gives a snug feel for more stability and a boost of speed. On top of that, the cleat also features high-rebound SuperFoam insole for more comfort and better shock absorption.

The cleats give out maximum traction on synthetic surfaces thanks to the molded TPU plate. It’s designed to be lightweight for better mobility and overall comfort.

These are ideal for sharp cuts, acceleration, and an overall active and engaging game. They come in white with a few models in white/red and blue combinations. In most cases, they run true to the size but keep in might they’re quite tight.

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Under Armour Men's C1N MC

Men’s C1N MC is among the most popular pair on the market as a whole. It’s due to the feel and performance they provide as well as the combination of materials used.

Textile and synthetic combination helped achieve a lightweight design. Since the sole is also synthetic, the shoe weighs less than most UA models on the market. Plus, shaft measures about 6’’ from the arch.

Under Armour developed their custom engineered Threadborne knit upper. It delivers dynamic stretch and a tight fit that allows you quick turns and acceleration.

The overall synthetic rear foot construction delivers support around your ankle without compromising comfort since the shoe is lightweight. Its neoprene, compression fit, and high-ankle cut give out a seamless feel as the shoe acts much like a second skin.

Keep in mind that these feature textile that might be a bit difficult to wash at times.

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Football Cleats for Defensive Backs


NIKE Mens Force Savage Elite TD

These Nike cleats feature flywire cables that provide a secured locked-down fit. They’re comfortable, and stable with the high-cut design that offers supreme support and performance.

Force Savage Elite feature Lunarlon foam midsole that acts as a cushion on impact. This is ideal for defensive backs as the shoe absorbs most of the shock during the game.

The TPU plate allows durable support and overall lightweight feel. It’s comfortable and snug around your feet but it’s not as tight as to bother you when you play. Its configuration offers multidirectional traction allowing you to be quick and agile.

One downside is that these only come in a dark blue color. There aren’t any other options to choose from which is a bit annoying if you’re not a fan of blue. However, if the color doesn’t matter to you as much, you’ll have impressive cleats that work regardless of the field surface or weather.

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Nike Men's Lunarbeast Elite Football Cleat

Similar to the Lunarbeast we mentioned above, these are comfortable, supportive and overall quite impressive.

They feature flywire cables that wrap the midfoot allowing a locked-down fit. This tight fit gives you the confidence to be quick and agile on the court regardless of the weather conditions. Your ankle is always tightly secured thanks to the high-cut.

The cleat also features full-length Lunarlon midsole for some added comfort and plush. It helps with responsiveness especially if you’re playing for hours at the time. The NikeSkin wraps the foot protecting close-contact.

These have a Velcro brand strap and foam collar wrap. It gives you adjustable support for more confidence on the field. On top of that, the TPU plate provides durability and traction so the cleats won’t show signs of wear as quickly.

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NIKE Alpha Menace Pro Mid

These are among the most popular choices when it comes to high-school and college players. It’s a synthetic cleat that offers support, snug fit and overall durability for those who play quite often.

The synthetic leather and mesh combination allows breathability that’s crucial for players that play several times a week. The materials also help achieve a better fit, so you get more support as a whole.

The ¾-length Phylon foam wedge provides enough cushioning, so you’re comfortable throughout the game. It’s a lightweight kind of cushioning that won’t add any more weight to the overall design.

Its Flywire cables connect with the laces and help keep your feet securely into place. Pebax propulsion plate helps with the tight fit and the overall support.

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Football Cleats for Wide Receivers


Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Tagged Cleats

These are among the sleekest cleats on the market thanks to their clean cuts and simple colors. The most popular choice is in white, but they do come in more classic Adidas striped designs.

They’re synthetic with a rubber sole and with the shaft that measures about low-top from the arch. Its anatomical lace structure helps reduce pressure and allow a more comfortable fit. They’re snug but still allow mobility and breathability.

Adidas went for a Bootee construction in order to achieve a comfortable and precise fit. This means the cleats run true to their size and you shouldn’t experience any loose or tight spots on your feet.

The SprintSkin upper is a revolutionary laminated package. It provides great support thanks to the reduced weight.

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Adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe

If your position on the field is a wide receiver, you might want to consider these football shoes by Adidas. These deliver outstanding performance since they’re made specifically for the player position allowing you to give your maximum.

These are manmade and have a synthetic sole. Their shaft measures approx. 6’’ from the arch. They’re quite comfortable and provide a solid amount of traction on different surfaces. You can play in wet as well as dry weather conditions as these are water-resistant and quite durable.

The design is sturdy so it might take them a while to break in until they’re fully adjusted to your feet. The sizes run a bit small as well so that’s something to pay attention to. The cleats come in many different colors and vibrant designs.

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Adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe

The difference between these and the Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football shoe we mentioned above is in the materials. These are made from fabric and synthetic leather which is a combination that offers an entirely different experience.

Much like many other Adidas models, these feature a synthetic sole with a shaft that measures approx. 4.5’’ from the arch. They’re lightweight and comfortable even for hours at the time.

The low-cut doesn’t offer much support for the ankle, but they fit snuggly around the foot. Although they’re low cut, you still get that comfort and confidence knowing that your shoe isn’t too tight or too loose. Keep in mind that the design is a bit wide, so they’re quite suitable for people that have wide feet.

These come in many color combinations some of which are very vibrant and attractive. They’re quite popular for wide receivers.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’re now able to pick out one of the best football cleats for the next time you’re on the field. These are the top of what the market offers so you can be sure to get quality regardless of the model you opt for.

It’s now only up to you to figure out which of these would work the best considering your position and style of play. Everyone has different needs and preferences, so it’s crucial to consider them before making the final decision.

Consider each model and its pros and cons before you opt for a particular pair. It’s always the right decision to be open-minded but don’t forget to look the cut and traction your position requires.

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