The Best Goalkeeper Gloves in 2019

Goalkeepers put their bodies on the line as the last line of defense. They get into tricky situations which are often physically demanding in several ways. As a goalkeeper, you’ll have to catch fast balls and fall many times by doing it, which is why you want all the protection you can get.

Much like all soccer equipment, goalkeeper gloves are a vital piece. Extended hours of practice and games put pressure and strain on your hands which can result in long-term damage. Since there’s always a risk of injury, you want to protect your hands the best way possible.

Choosing gloves isn’t as simple since there aren’t any rules. We researched the market to find the best models for different types of players. Some are thicker, while others weight less, so make sure to check them all out before you opt for any in particular.


1. Blok-IT Goalie Gloves

Blok-IT is a well-known brand in the industry. It’s quite popular among both professionals and recreational goalkeepers for its quality.

The glove has extra padding to provide better protection by minimizing the chance of injury. The padding adds to the overall comfort and grip control which is crucial especially in warm and humid weather.

All of the materials used are of high quality and help improve performance. The combination is breathable and helps reduce hand sweating.

They also feature Velcro wrist support for a tight and secure fit. This along the padding helps to reduce the possibility of a wrist injury. They provide soft yet protective support to the entire hand.

It comes in several sizes that are suitable for youth as well as adults. You can also choose between a few colors such as green, red, pink, orange and black and white combo.


Comfortable padding

Supportive wrist

Youth sizes are available


Sizes run a bit small


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2. Kronis Goalkeeper Glove IGNIS Black/Red


If you’re looking for a high-end product, you might want to check out this pair by Kronis. The Rolled Finger gloves are highly recommended by professionals regardless of whether you’re an advanced player or a beginner.

It’s a rolled finger cut 4mm latex model that features an extended palm. It also has a full latex dorsal backhand and a stretchable strap for added wrist support.

It features an embossed backhand for and a V-Notch thumb for better flexibility and durability. Because of the high-end materials and quality of production, this pair by Kronis is among the most popular ones. It’s long-lasting and can withstand some rough handling.

These come in several sizes but only one color combination of red and white.


Full latex backhand

Aqua latex

Added flexibility


No “finger save”


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3. Renegade GK Vulcan Goalie Gloves


These are trusted by many professionals thanks to their quality performance. It’s an official GK glove of the WPSL and NPSL which are the two biggest professional leagues in the United States.

Vulcan Goalie features high-performance German Hyper Grip latex. It’s combined with several other materials to provide ultimate control, grip, and comfort. It features a 180° thumb wrap and pre-arched palm for the best performance.

It also features removable Endo-Tek Pros “finger saves” that don’t bend backward. Its 3+3M latex palm and backhand allow impact protection while the 8CM neoprene cuff provides wrist support. Another thing that adds to the overall support is the 3MM 360° Dura-Tek strap.

The 3D Super Mesh body allows breathability, and its nylon strap puller makes it easy to put on and take off at any time.


Used by professionals

Supreme wrist support



They wear out quickly


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4. Sportout Youth & Adult Goalie


This model is among the best ones to provide resistance and anti-slippery performance. It features latex palms for better grip and control even in wet conditions. Plus, its cut design allows the best contact for tough saves.

It features an improved backbone finger save system that prevents finger injuries. Its padding is so thick it provides more cushioning than what you’d get with other similar models.

One of the best things about the pair is its double-designed wristband. The lining layer is elastic while the outer one is a Velcro bandage with a stretch-strap. These two work together to contract your muscles for better protection and reduced chances of a sprained wrist.

They’re made from composite materials of EVA and latex. They’re durable, lightweight, breathable and sweat resistant.


Durable materials

Improved wrist support

Sweat resistance


Sizes run big


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5. FitsT4 Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves with Fingersaves


These are anti-slip and wear resistant thanks to the 3MM German latex on top of the 3MM foam. The sticky foam allows impact support and enhanced grip for better control. It performs equally as well in all weather conditions.

The gloves come with fingersave support that prevents your fingers from bending backward. They still allow the fingers to keep their formation and flexibility. A feature such as this helps prevent finger injuries that happen quite often for goalkeepers.

Its double-designed wristband consists of an inner layer of elastic and the outer protective straps. The two tighten wrist muscles and reduce the possibility of wrist sprains. Plus, it also features an 8CM elastic bandage for added support and protection.

These are made from Dumbex latex that’s strong and durable. It’s combined with the breathable air mesh for more comfort if you play in hot and humid weather.


Breathable body

Fingersave protection

Reduced wrist sprains


Not very grippy


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6. Coodoo Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves


If you’re looking for a versatile pair that works for both professional games and training, you should check out this Goalie pair. These have anti-slip latex palms for better grip in different weather conditions.

The wear-resistant latex and 3D mesh allow breathability and durability for years to come. Plus, the pair arrives in several sizes to choose from as well as a few bright color combinations.

It features a roll-thumbs construction with 3mm of professional imported natural latex along with some foam. The combination provides maximum grip, control, and protection even in wet conditions.

Another feature worth mentioning is the backbone finger projection made of native plastic. It prevents Hyper-Extended injuries that could happen in training or competition. You’ll also love its double designed wristband made of a stretch strap and Velcro bandage.


Adjustable fit

Protective straps

Maximized grip


Some might think there’s not enough padding


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7. K-LO Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves


Much like all the models by K-LO, these come with 5-fingersave support along with a thumb-spline. This protects all your fingers, so they don’t bend backward. You still get the flexibility and maneuverability as if you’re not wearing them at all.

These have 6MM palm protection that consists of 3MM German non-slip latex along with 3MM foam. The combination provides impact support and better grip. Another thing worth mentioning is the double-wrapped wrist protection with a Velcro band and double-stitched towel elastic.

The K-LO stands out thanks to the German latex featured in the construction. No others have the material on both palms and outer shell. The addition provides better wear-resistance, impact support and longevity.


More German latex

Great wrist support

All five fingers have fingersave support


Only comes in relatively large sizes


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8. Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves


The Brine King Match 3X Goalie is probably among the best entry-level glove. It’s ideal for beginners and recreational players who are just starting as goalkeepers. Still, they don’t lack in support and protection. They aren’t as resistant which means they’re not the best choice for someone who plays daily.

The 3MM German latex foam on the palm and 2MM backer provide the maximum protection and comfort during training. The thick layer is still breathable enough to be comfortable even in hot and humid weather conditions.

For even more breathability, the manufacturer included a breathable mesh on both body and fingers. There’s also the print embossed EVA backhand for added protection. Plus, its improved backbone protection helps prevent hyperextension and other types of injuries.


Wrapped thumb

Elastic wrist cuff

Breathable mesh body


Entry-level only


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9. Renegade GK Triton Goalie Gloves


These might appear similar to the Renegade model we mentioned above. However, the Triton is a slightly improved design made to follow you on your training and professional play.

This one, much like other RGK models is used in the NPSL and WPSL since the brand is the official glove of these professional leagues.

The Triton has high-performance German Super Grip latex and a 180° thumb wrap. It also has a pre-arched palm for an improved grip, ease of use and control. It stands out for its removable Endo-Tek pros fingersaves that don’t bend backward.

There’s also some 3+3MM latex on the backhand and palm for better impact protection. The 8CM neoprene cuff and the 3MM 360° Dura-Tek strap allow great support and injury prevention.


3D Airmesh body

Supreme wrist support



Will show signs of wear rather quickly


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10. Reusch Soccer Waorani Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec Gloves


Reusch Soccer is among the most popular brands that make soccer gear for both beginners and professionals. Its G2 Waorani is comfortable, supportive, resistant and easy to use.

The ultra-soft foam makes it suitable for both wet and dry weather conditions. It grips well and is non-slippery regardless of the weather. Plus, the foam improves abrasion resistance which is crucial in soccer.

Its 3D thumb crotch construction eliminates seams which can sometimes be uncomfortable. The construction helps with comfort, so the gloves are easy to use instead of bothering you.

Another thing worth mentioning is the dual-rolled expanse cut ESS or ergonomic support system. It helps fingers spread allowing you better grip and overall position on the ball. They also feature two pull loops for easier on and off handling.


Advanced shock-shield

Pull loops

3D crotch construction


Sizing might be a bit off


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11. Ascent GK - Goalkeeper Gloves


These goalkeeper gloves have zippered closure on the fingersaves so you can remove them if you ever have the need. It makes the pair quite versatile and easy to use which is something you should always look for in goalkeeper gloves. 

The 3D air mesh body allows breathability while maintaining the pair lightweight and comfortable even for long hour use. It’s ideal for training and professional games that usually takes hours on end.

Another thing these stand out with is the Roll Finger cut. The improved design allows a customizable fit and enhanced feel and performance. It helps with feeling the ball and making better contact.

Its German 4MM latex palm combines performance and durability meaning it won’t show any signs of wear as quickly.


Removable fingersaves

Latex palm

Durable construction


Size runs small


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12. Adidas Performance ACE Replique Goalie


Adidas is a well-known name in the sports industry, so it’s no surprise it came out with goalkeeper gloves as well. The ACE Replique is among the best-selling pairs due to its quality and overall ease of use.

These have cushioned palm that provides enough protection during impact for both beginners and professional soccer players. It’s a Soft Grip Pro smooth latex palm that makes them as comfortable and resistant. It allows a good grip, durability and cushioning in all weather conditions.

Another few features that players love are the Positive Cut fit and vented cuff. These two, along with a slit wrist design allow an increased range of motion and maneuverability.

It’s an ACE replica, made of polyester and polyurethane to provide the best durability and wear-resistance even with everyday use.



Latex palm

Slit wrist


Not the best stitching


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As you can see, there are quite a number of excellent goalkeeper gloves on the market. These are all the greatest that are recommended by professionals regardless of whether you’re looking for entry-level or advanced pair.

You should, however, consider your preferences and needs in terms of features and specifications. Think about the design you’d be the happiest with since your comfort and wrist/finger protection depends on it greatly.

Some of these brands might be new to you but consider them nonetheless. Keep in mind that goalkeeper gloves don’t have to be expensive or come from a world-renowned brand to be effective and protective.

We’re sure you’ll be happy with either one of the models we reviewed above. They all deliver supreme durability, comfort, protection and overall ease of use. It’s only up to you to decide between the designs, color schemes, safety features and size that would fit you the best.