The Best Hockey Sticks in 2019

Hockey is one of the most interesting sports out there. It requires special skills, long training, as well as quite a lot of equipment. One of the most critical and personal pieces of equipment is a hockey stick. A lot of things depend on its quality and performance, so it’s crucial you find yourself the best one. Finding the best one for your game might seem a bit overwhelming since there are many hockey sticks on the market. Still, you can only play at the top of your game with a quality stick that fits you in every way. Regardless of whether you’re a playmaker or sniper, you need it to follow you through your game and style. Continue reading as we review the best hockey sticks along with their features and specifications. Below, you’ll also find a buyer’s guide with all the essential factors you should consider before opting for one of these sticks. 


Hockey Stick Reviews


Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

The Envy blade pattern matches the most common curve pattern found today. The stick has 75 flex 60” shaft and an optimized kick point allowing fast puck release. This one fits experienced players who require more quality from their stick. It’s well-balanced and made to last and perform for a long time. Much like other Arsenal Envy sticks, this one is suitable for pick-up hockey games, competitive adult leagues, intramural squads, beer league hockey, and frozen pond games. The entire manufacturing and testing are done with qualitative methods to enhance its overall performance and durability. It’s made of carbon fiber composite and has a great weight-balanced blade-to-shaft ratio. The stick feels great in your hands, and it has a bigger flat spot than most other models. As such, it’s easier to elevate.


One-piece construction

Great balance

Feels comfortable


Some consider it heavy


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Bauer Prodigy 38' Youth Hockey Stick


You should consider the Bauer Prodigy if you’re a beginner and looking for an affordable stick. It’s an easy-to-use model that’s great for everyone who’s just starting in hockey. As its name indicates, this is a youth stick meant for younger players, but in many cases, their parents can use it as well. It’s not meant for professional use, but recreational games and training. It has guides marks to tape it as well as the recommended length, so you don’t have to guess the sizing. This youth stick is the first in the Prodigy set that’s designed for players under 44” and 55lbs. The manufacturer did all the possible things to adjust the width, flex, height, curve, blade stiffness, and lie to players in this weight range. The adjustments provide enhanced overall experience.


For youth players

Maximized usability

Quality construction


For beginners only


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Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick


This is another option that’s great for beginners and people looking for a stick to start with. It feels great in hands and provides just enough control of the puck to give you confidence and comfort. It comes with a 53’’ solid wood shaft and a patented Jet Flo Blade. The blade is made of ABS plastic, so it might show signs of wear rather quickly depending on how often you play. However, the manufacturer offers replacement blades at an affordable price. This allows you to change it whenever you feel its performance isn’t at the best level anymore. The stick is a two-piece and has two screws that secure the fit and enhance its overall durability. As such, this one is ideal for recreational playing and training thanks to its impressive balance and strength.


Easy to use

Durable wooden shaft

Interchangeable head


ABS plastic wears out


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CranBarry Eagle Field Hockey Stick

If you want an attractive stick that’s easy to use, you might want to look at the CranBarry Eagle. It’s colorful and will stand out regardless of the rest of your equipment. It’s constructed from high-grade raw materials to ensure durability and resistance. It also has a fiberglass wrap for enhanced ball speed and vibration resistance. On top of that, the stick is strengthened and reinforced with mulberry wood. Its Araldite toe and midi head shape improve the overall technique by rolling over the ball. This allows more control and offers a supreme sweet spot. It’s also crucial to mention that the grip has ridges at the top but is smooth at the bottom for better hand-holding. This polka dot stick is among the best choices for beginners and others who want to improve their skills.



Suitable for youth players

Reinforced Araldite toe

Durable construction


Outdoor only


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Raven Ninja III Junior Hockey Stick

When Raven Hockey came out with the Ninja III, it instantly became one of the most popular junior and intermediate hybrids. This one is a bit longer than a standard junior stick. It also has a lower flex rating, so it’s a great fit for players under 5’7’’ and 120lbs. What makes it unique is the shaft diameter. This one is thinner than most intermediate models, but it’s also thicker than most junior shafts. It comes with a hybrid-sized shaft, allowing you to use the stick for a long time before needing to go for a full-sized intermediate model. It’s built with a dual-core 3K carbon blade that’s durable and resistant. It makes the stick easy to use, mainly thanks to the low flex and overall construction.


Durable construction

Unique shaft diameter

Fits both beginners and intermediate players


Might be too big for some kids


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Frontier 1500 Kid Hockey Stick

If your kid is getting interested in hockey, you might want to try the Frontier 1500 as one of the best youth options out there. It’s built to last and follow your child throughout its first experience in hockey. It comes with a left blade and a 43’’ anatomically correct 12-ply birch shaft. The combination allows ease of use and maneuverability, which is crucial for beginners. The blade is made of industrial grade abs and has a fiberglass overlay. This helps with overall durability and resistance, so the construction won’t show any signs of use and wear as quickly. Its shaft, much like the blade, is made to be solid and durable. It's integrated and resistant, so it can withstand some rougher use. Frontier 1500 is a youth hockey stick that comes with a left, right, and straight construction.


Durable materials

Left, right and straight options to choose from

Ideal for beginners


Nothing of note


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Franklin Sports Tuukka Rask Street Hockey Goalie Stick

This one comes in two sizes to choose from based on your height and preference. It’s a part of Franklin’s and Tuukka Rask’s new line of street hockey gear made to deliver best performance, durability, and overall ease of use. The stick is made from a multi-ply poplar and birch shaft. It comes with the distinguished Tuukka Rask and Bruins’ graphics, so it’s attractive and eye-catching. There are also several colors to pick from depending on the rest of your gear and personal style. This one is molded from a high-impact polymer which brings long-lasting durability along with abrasion resistance. It’s also crucial to mention that you can choose between left, right, and straight blade depending on your preferred hand.



Goalie stick

Durable construction

Left, right and straight blade



It might wobble during rough use


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Franklin Sports Street Hockey Starter

If you’re looking for hockey sticks for your youngest ones, you might want to check this pack of two. The package includes two 37’’ junior sticks suitable for both beginners and intermediate players. What stands out the most is the flexible ABS plastic shaft along with a plastic blade. The two are quite durable and resistant, so they won’t show any signs of wear as quickly. The package also includes an official size 65mm street hockey ball of low density. This means your little ones can enjoy a game as soon as the pack is delivered to your doorstep. The sticks are meant for children at the age of six and older. Children like how it performs as well as how it looks thanks to the vibrant and colorful graphic detail.



Two in the pack

Vibrant graphics

Flexible ABS plastic


Not the most durable for a team playing


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Buyer's Guide

Buying a hockey stick tends to be a more complicated process than most people think. There are many models on the market, and it’s crucial that you find the quality one that fits you the best. To achieve that, you should consider many factors. Using a wrong stick makes a big difference in how well you play since it can make your handling, shooting, and controlling quite hard. Also, the last thing you want is for the stick to break in your first game, so durability is another huge thing to pay attention to. There are many types of sticks to choose from, and you’ll also come across several sizes, lengths, different flex, curves, etc. You should know what each of these represents and mean to the quality of your game. In this Buyer’s Guide, you’ll find valuable information on how to choose the best stick. We’ll discuss length, curve, grip, different materials, as well as the importance of a reliable brand. This info can help you make the final decision, so come back to it as many times as you feel the need. Consider and double-check all to be sure your hockey stick can follow through your games.


Types of Hockey Sticks



Adult sticks range from 60” to 65” in size. They weight more than those meant for kids, so youth players usually can’t use them. These are the most durable and resistant. However, there are many adult models to choose from, especially when it comes to materials, curve, and all the other parts and components.In most cases, these come in solid colors and tend to be quite heavy, especially those meant for pro use. Still, even adult sticks differ from one another depending on if they’re made for beginners, intermediate or advanced players.


Juniors (Youth)

Youth sticks range in size since they meant for children from 3 to 13 years old. As such, they can measure anything from 38” to 54” in length. In this case, flex varies from 20 to 55. These sticks are typically quite lightweight and made of different materials. Some are more durable than others, but mostly, they’re only meant for beginners and slightly intermediate skill levels. If your child is well into hockey and is playing in a team, you should take a close look into junior sticks to find the most resistant one. Look for sturdy construction as well as general ease of use.


Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is among the best materials to go for, and it’s usually the main one used in high-end sticks. The most expensive pieces are generally 100% carbon fiber since it’s one of the most durable options. Those that aren’t pure carbon fiber tend to have fiberglass as well. While composite options aren’t as durable and resistant, they’re still good enough for most recreational use. This material makes for a lightweight yet sturdy construction which is partially why it’s as popular. 18k carbon fiber sticks are quite expensive, especially if you go for a big brand name.



In most cases, when you hear a stick is made of fiberglass, you should know that’s far from 100% fiberglass. Typically, it’s a wooden stick that’s reinforced with a fiberglass wrapping or coating. This type of coating makes the stick stronger and more durable. This was a popular option back in the day as it presented a more technically advanced wooden stick. Still, it’s not as widely popular nowadays since there are better and more durable options. ,



Wood is rarely the first choice nowadays though it was highly popular in the past. Technological advances in the industry resulted in these being pushed aside for the most part. However, to this day, they’re an excellent choice for certain styles. First and foremost, these are cheap and as such, ideal for people who are just starting in hockey. Most other players appreciate them for their great feel and long-lasting durability. The reason why most people avoid these is their weight. In most cases, these weigh two to three times more than modern composite models. Plus, these wear out, and the more this happens, the more inconsistent will your performance be.


Kevlar isn’t something you’ll find on its own. It’s usually mixed with other materials or used as an added layer of reinforcement. Though it’s a tough and durable material, it can’t stand on its own. For this reason, it requires other materials to perform well. Most manufacturers use it to reinforce certain parts of the stick depending on which primary material it features. It can be mixed with all others to achieve different weight, balance, and quality of performance.



These came right after wooden sticks and were the first to become as popular. In this case, the shaft is made with aluminum while replaceable blades are inserted into the shaft. Blades are made of composite or wood. These are typically lighter than wood and fiberglass and are quite stronger too. However, they’re not as light as graphite or Kevlar. Though this seems like a good option, these are now incredibly hard to find. No companies make them nor is there a professional using them.



Composite is probably the most common choice. These come as a one-piece or two-piece models though one-piece is far more popular. Such a stick is quite flexible and allows a pre-determined flex rating. It also allows flex profiles like high, mid, and low kick points. Composite is expensive, but not any more durable for the price. These sticks still break somewhat easily, especially the most expensive ones since they’re made of the lightest materials. Those that are cheaper usually have fiberglass as well, but are more durable and will last you longer.


How To Choose One

While choosing between the many materials is critical, you should also consider a few other things. Though there are many brands to choose from, you should focus on those that are reliable and have good customer service. The budget should also be a big part of your decision-making process since it usually has a lot to do with the overall quality of the product.



Make sure to opt for a well-known brand that has experience in the industry. Though new names are also welcome and can be quite impressive, those that have been around for years usually offer better quality. Most brands nowadays offer a wide range of hockey sticks that vary in size, durability, price, and overall ease of use. Look for a brand that has excellent customer service and is ready to stand behind its product with a good warranty deal.



Sticks range from $50 to $300, so you can choose based on your budget. Those that are on a lower end are usually heavy and not as well balanced. On the other hand, those that cost around $300 are probably the best that the company has to offer. These are the most durable and technologically advanced in all aspects. Luckily, you don’t have to go with either or since you can find a decent stick for around $100.


Key Features



Otherwise known as stiffness, flex plays a significant role in how well you can manipulate the puck. Most sticks come with a medium flex that’s usually marked with a number 85. Those that are stiffer and inflexible are rated 110. On the other hand, an ultra-flexible model ranges between 40 and 45. It’s hard to tell which is the best since it all depends on your preference and needs. In most cases, older players prefer stiffer sticks.



The length has nothing to do with quality but more with the age of the player. Junior sticks measure 46” to 54” while those designed for adults range from 56” and 62”. Still, choosing between these lengths is up to you. Offensive players tend to go for shorter sticks while defensive players go for longer ones. A short model should be just under your chin, while the longest one should be at the height of your eyebrows.



You might find some models with an added layer over the butt end which resembles a bike handlebar. This offers better control and enhanced grip, which is why many beginners, as well as pros, opt for it. However, some people are still firmly against this and prefer a bare hand-on-stick approach. Whichever you choose is up to you and your style. Still, keep in mind that a stick with such a grip probably costs somewhat more than the one without.



This is probably the most critical part of your stick as it’s what manipulates the puck and keeps it away from other players. You can choose between left, right, and straight. Also, some are more curved than others allowing you to choose based on how you skate. If you’re an upright skater, go for an angle of 6 to 7. If you stay low while skating, go for an angle of 4 to 5.


Final Thoughts

Choosing a hockey stick doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as most people think. Though there are many to choose from, some general guidelines can help you pick the best one for you. The models we’ve reviewed are the current most popular options for both beginners as well as intermediate players. Professional players might require something a bit different. If you haven’t already picked one of the sticks above, check back with our Buyer’s Guide. We’re sure that the information there can help you with making the final decision. Pay close attention to the critical factors as well as on what each stick delivers to figure out which one is the best for you.