The Best Racquet Ball Shoes

Racquetball requires speed and mobility in moving from one side to another chasing the ball. Since you have to move quickly upwards and backward, you'll need the best equipment to allow that.

Among the most critical pieces of gear are your shoes. Without some comfortable shoes to sustain you through the match, you'll struggle to move as quickly.

There are a few factors to consider when buying racquetball shoes. They have to be the right amount of flexible and sturdy allowing mobility and comfort at all times. Ending up with anything less than that could lead you to a compromising situation the first time you play.

Continue reading as we discuss some of the best racquetball shoes that the market has to offer. We’ve also included a little buyer’s guide to help you if it’s your first time shopping.


Buyer’s Guide

As the name indicates, these are shoes made specifically for playing racquetball. They’re made to follow your footwork as you speed forwards and backward throughout the game. These are durable and suitable for the rough time you’ll put them through.

Other athletic shoes could do the job but not in the long run and not if you’re looking to be successful at this. Out of all athletic footwear, the best alternative would probably be volleyball shoes. They’re made of similar materials with shock absorbing qualities. They’re also a bit more restrictive than racquetball footwear so make sure to replace them quickly.

Think about where you’ll play? If you’re going to play inside on a professional court, you should have indoors-only shoes. If you’ll also play outside, get a different pair for that. This way, you show respect towards other players playing on the court by not taking in any dirt, mud, dust, etc. Also, the rubber-like material isn’t the toughest thing for outdoors use.

Look only for those that have rubber soles. Rubber is unmatched when it comes to gripping on a hardwood floor which is why it’s used on most indoor sports. Another crucial thing to pay attention to is the sizing. Regardless of whether you’re buying men’s or women’s model, the size should fit you perfectly.


Best Racquetball Shoes

HEAD Men's Grid 2.0

These synthetic shoes have a rubber sole for the best grip on the hardwood floor of the court. Thanks to its overall construction and materials used, this pair is suitable for more than just racquetball. You can use it for pretty much any indoor-court sport such as squash, pickleball, badminton, volleyball, and others.

It features synthetic leather on the upper part. This makes them quite stylish but also simple to maintain. The leather pieces are easy to clean if they ever get a bit dirty and dusty.

They also feature mesh pieces for advanced breathability that’s often crucial when playing indoors. It makes the pair suitable for hot and humid climates and high temperatures.

Still, it’s important to mention that these won’t leave black marks on the hardwood floor of the court. The outsole is perfect for gripping to the floor but doesn’t leave any traces.


High abrasion compound

Easy to clean



They’re a bit heavy


ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8

Gel-Rocket 8 is a synthetic shoe with a rubber sole. The combination of materials and how it’s built allow excellent mobility and comfort for hours at the time. They aren’t slippery and won’t leave any marks on the hardwood floor.

The shaft measures low-top from arch which is something you should keep in mind when considering these shoes. Also, their forefoot gel cushioning system absorbs shock at impact. This makes the pair excellent for intense racquetball games.

Asics included its Trusstic System Technology which means the weight on the sole is reduced allowing the shoes to maintain their structural integrity.

They come in many sizes to choose from as well as quite a few different color designs. They’re mostly black and white, while some blue options are also available.


Many sizes




Might be too wide for some


HEAD Men's Sonic 2000 MID

The Head Sonic 2000 MID shoe is comfortable, flexible, and durable enough to withstand the hectic pace of racquetball. It features such a combination of materials enabling you to move with freedom and confidence all over the hardwood court.

The durable synthetic leather materials along with breathable mesh element create the strength and endurance you need for the sport. Also, the materials are super comfortable and flexible which is especially important if you play every day.

There’s an internal pre-molded heel counter for the best heel fit and stability. On top of that, the breathable mesh tongue allows comfort even in hot weather.

The shoe features Head HyBrasion gum rubber compound that doesn’t leave any marks on the court. It provides traction and durability while the EVA cushioning midsole acts as a shock absorbent.



Breathable material

Pre-molded heel


Mesh might start to shred


ASICS Mens Upcourt 2

The first thing you should know about these synthetic shoes is that they’re actually made for volleyball. As we mentioned earlier, if you’re not a fan of racquetball shoes, the closest thing to get are those for volleyball. They perform nearly the same providing enough comfort and mobility.

It’s a high-quality shoe suitable for different types of courts. It features a full-length rubber outsole allowing the best traction on hardwood and other floors. On top of that, it also features synthetic leather overlays and mesh underlays for better comfort and breathability.

Though it’s quite durable and resistant, it’s only meant for beginners and amateur athletes. More frequent use would probably shorten its life span.

Still, one of the best things about this pair is the fact it features Rearfoot GEL. It’s a unique detail that adds to the overall comfort and mobility at all times. 



Comfortable heel



Only for beginners


Python Men's Deluxe Indoor (Mid)

Phyton is an excellent choice when it comes to racquetball shoes since they’ve been around for quite a while producing some of the most popular athletic shoes. These are made of leather and have exceptional resistance allowing you to use them frequently and on different courts.

The best thing is that they’re so lightweight. For example, size 10.5 weighs only 12.7 ounces which means these won’t hold you back. The inside has soft mesh fabric that absorbs sweat allowing comfort even in hot temperatures.

They have an in-sock surface that allows quick mobility by keeping your feet dry at all times. On top of that, the feature also enhances movement stability as a whole. They have a thicker back heel that acts as a shock absorbent which is crucial when landing.


High-density rubber sole

Skid resistance



Sizes run a bit small


Mishansha Badminton Shoes for Men

If you’re doing more than just racquetball, you’ll love the Mishansha shoes. These are suitable for everything from badminton, volleyball, and tennis to pickleball, squash and racquetballs. Of course, they’re equally as great for other indoor sports.

The rubber outsole is anti-slippery and wear-resistant. It’s strong and able to withstand turns and twists that happen all the time with such quick movement.

Another thing that adds to the overall performance is the EVA midsole. It’s resilient and acts as a shock absorbent while protecting your ankles at all times. If you require some extra ankle support, simply pass the shoelace through the highest inclined hole to achieve a fixed position.

The shoe also features breathable mesh and synthetic leather for better stability and comfort during long hour games.




Great ankle support


A bit stiff


Fashiontown Indoor Court Badminton Shoes

These feature a classic combination of mesh and synthetic leather for great comfort, breathability, and mobility on the court. They feature a rubber sole that’s non-slippery and supports your feet allowing you to move quickly and efficiently.

The outsole is anti-slippery which means reduces chances of falling on the hardwood floor. On top of that, it doesn’t leave any marks or black traces. The sole is also wear-resistant.

The midsole is resilient and absorbs most of the shock put on your feet. It’s made of EVA foam, power cushion and several other materials with high-durability. Such a combination makes the pair resilient to twists and turns while providing stability in the toe area.

Also, they’re great if you’re into other sports as well since you can use them for tennis, squash, volleyball, badminton, racquetball, and pickleball.


Durable materials

Shock absorbing

Stable fit


Not for frequent use


Ektelon Men's NFS Attack

These look modern and sleek, so you might want to get two pairs and wear one outdoors. They’re made of synthetic leather and breathable mesh inserts for great performance, comfort, resilience, and durability.

They’re designed specifically for racquetball although you could probably use them for other indoor sports as well. The synthetic leather upper has open mesh inserts which allow comfort even during long hour games.

These stand out thanks to the midfoot strap and high-abrasion toe cap that make those aggressive moves and cuts possible. Its TPU midsole shank and rubber outsole provide great traction but won’t leave any traces on the hardwood.

It’s a great combination of materials brought together into one great pair of shoes. These are flexible yet sturdy enough to allow you to move through the court without having sore feet afterward.


Breathable inserts


Suitable for long games


They’re a bit narrow



As you can see, there are quite a few racquetball shoes to choose from. The ones we reviewed above are the best that the market currently has to offer. They’re all durable and resilient, so it’s just a matter of considering a few other details before you decide on one pair.

Think about whether you’re playing inside or outside since not all of these shoes can handle outdoor conditions. Also, make sure to measure your feet well in order to select the adequate size for you. It’s an important step that determines comfort, support, and mobility.

The best way to choose a pair is to consider all the crucial factors with care. Take a look at a few models before you opt for one since there are already so many options. Also, don’t forget to get two pairs if you play both inside and outside.

Overall, take your time picking one of these racquetball shoes. You can hardly go wrong with either one of these, but make sure to consider their specs, pros, and cons to be sure of what you’re buying.