The Best Soccer Balls in 2019

It doesn't matter whether you call it soccer or football, you need quality equipment to follow through your training and professional games.

While you’ll need different gear depending on your position on the court, there’s one thing all players need, and that’s a soccer ball. Though you don’t have to worry about balls on professional games, you still have to have a few in your collection for training.

Choosing a ball isn’t as simple since there are many on the market. More so, they all tend to look the same. It’s a ball, so how hard can it be to choose one? Surprisingly, there are several factors you should consider before you opt for one.

Having a model that simply doesn’t suit you can ruin the game for you in several ways. For this reason, take a look below at some of the best soccer balls on the market.


Best Soccer Ball Reviews

1. American Challenge Brasilia

The Brasilia features a 3.25mm TPU material for outer casting. It’s a rather hard casing with a shiny finish that lasts for a long time. For the backing, it has two layers of poly/cotton lining for the ultimate durability and resistance.

It’s a pretty heavy-duty ball that can take a beating. It’s intended for frequent use as it won’t signs of wear and tear any time soon. It’s designed for grass fields, so you should avoid concrete and other surfaces.

It features 32 machine-stitched panels that enhance its durability and ability to endure heavy-duty use. The Brasilia doesn’t come inflated but features Hybrid SR bladder that holds the air for two to four weeks before you’ll have to inflate it again.


Shiny finish

Machine stitched

Suitable for frequent use


Entry-level only


2. Perfect Soccer Coach Ball

This adult and youth ball is endorsed by professional soccer player Quincy Amarikwa from the San Jose Earthquakes of Major League Soccer. The manufacturer guarantees quality and durability that you’d expect from such a product.

It features a machine-stitched construction for high durability yet soft touch. It’s easy to work with and what’s best is that it comes in packs of several. You can choose between one, five and ten which is great if you’re a coach.

This one is excellent for practicing and training on grass fields mostly. It might endure concrete, but we advise you to stick to the grass.

It has wound butyl bladder and synthetic leather cover. The PVC and PU coating allows a soft touch as well as durability. It also features 32 panels stitched in fair trade conditions.



Youth + adults

Packs of several are available


Not for professional use


3. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

This one comes in three sizes where the size 3 fits ages eight and under, while the size five fits ages thirteen and above. The size in between fits ages eight to twelve. Though it’s considered a youth ball, the biggest size is suitable for adults as well.

It has a synthetic leather cover that enhances its overall durability. This means it will last a long time before you feel like it’s time to replace it. Also, it won’t show signs of wear any time soon.

The butyl rubber bladder is great for keeping all the air inside. It helps keep the overall round shape even after some time of heavy-duty playing.

Wilson Traditional has that classic look with panel graphics and silver accents. It comes inflated which is rarely the case with soccer balls, but the air shouldn’t affect shipping weight in no way.


8-10 PSI

Rubber bladder

Comes inflated


Recreational use only


4. Under Armour DESAFIO 395

Under Armour is another well-known brand that makes lots of different athletic gear and clothes. Their soccer balls are among the best-selling due to the overall quality.

The Desafio 395 comes in several colors and sizes to choose from depending on the age group you’re targeting. It’s designed with the brand’s latest technology for an ultimate feel and performance. The UA Touchskin technology allows a soft touch and an excellent grip.

It features TPU cover as an excellent power transfer and an EVA foam layer for softness. The combination provides a great feel that enhances its performance. For its bladder, Under Armour opted for a high rebound rubber bladder that holds the air and shape for a long time.

It’s a durable piece that’s designed for frequent use though it’s not recommended for professional games.


Several colors and sizes

Holds air for a long time

EVA foam layer


Should be broken in


5. Adidas Glider

This one ships deflated, so you’ll require a pump to inflate it before use. Though the pump isn’t included any can do the job. It’s a part of the MLS Soccer collection that’s inspired by the three MLS pillars of the community, country, and club.

It’s machine-stitched and has the internal nylon-wound carcass for better durability and overall longevity even with frequent use. The TPU exterior material also adds to its long-lasting performance since it resists abrasion and weather factors.

The Glider features a butyl bladder for great air retention allowing it to maintain its shape for a longer time. It comes in several sizes that fit children from eight years and under to adults. It also comes in several bright colors and attractive designs.



Attractive and bright color combinations

Excellent air retention


Might arrive wrinkled


6. Adidas FIFA World Cup Top Glider

If you thought you like Adidas’s Glider, you should check out the Top Glider that’s the official replica of the FIFA World Cup ball. It’s unique and licensed by FIFA.

Most people like its textured surface that allows a better touch. Grip might not sound as important for soccer balls, but it makes all the difference in how it performs.

It also has a butyl bladder for air retention. It doesn’t deflate as easily and holds its shape well even after a long time of use. This makes it suitable for everyday use.

It comes deflated, so you’d required a pump to inflate it before use. You’ll probably notice its surface layer scratches rather quickly, but that doesn’t affect its performance in any way.


Licensed replica

Holds air well

Suitable for frequent use


Scratches easily


7. GoSports Premier Soccer Ball with Premium Pump

The Premier is available as a single ball or in a pack of six depending on your needs. It’s a popular choice among coaches, parents, schools, and camps that usually require several at the time.

It’s a machine-stitched piece featuring an internal butyl bladder. The combination of technologies allows longevity and endurance against different weather conditions and floor surfaces. It’s designed for everyday use and sustained performance.

The materials and the way it’s built help it resist abrasion, so it doesn’t show signs of wear as quickly. It’s an excellent all-around ball for training and recreational games.

This one comes deflated, but you get a pump with it as well. A mesh carrying bag is also included in the package.



Comes with a pump and bag

Doesn’t scratch as easily


The ink design isn’t as durable


8. Vizari Blossom

If you think all soccer balls look the same, you should take a look at this one. It’s a unique-looking model with a girly design as opposed to what we’re used to. The bold graphics and bright colors are eye-catching and resistant to different weather conditions and floor surfaces.

It’s machine-stitched with 32 panels allowing durability and longevity. They help maintain its shape for a long time even with frequent use. Another thing that adds to its resistance and performance is the butyl bladder. It prevents air loss while maintaining the round shape throughout.

It ships deflated, so you’ll need a pump to inflate it before use. This is a setback for some who don’t own a pump, but those are simply to come across and pretty much any would work anyway.


Unique, girly design

Suitable for everyday use

No air loss


Comes deflated


9. Adidas Performance Starlancer V

Performance Starlancer V is among the most popular soccer balls on the market. It’s easy to work with and is suitable for youth as well as adults.

This one allows quick control and precise play, so it’s suitable for beginners and those who’ve been playing for a while. It’s its versatility and quality that allow such an impressive performance.

The ball is machine-stitched and has an internal nylon-wound carcass for durability and maximum, long-lasting performance. Another thing worth mentioning is the TPU exterior that resists abrasion and weather conditions. It also features a butyl bladder for retention of air and shape even after some time.

The Performance Starlancer V comes in several sizes and colors. This allows you to buy one for yourself as well as a smaller one for your children. It’s a great choice for coaches, camps, parents, etc.



Bright colors

Durable exterior


Comes deflated


10. One World Play Project Soccer Ball

This is a unique-looking ball, and at first glance, it might not even look like it’s meant for soccer. However, it’s one of the most durable models currently on the market. It’s a single color design though you can choose between blue, green and orange.

The manufacturer claims it’s impossible to pop it since it’s made of durable pop form. The material is able to withstand heavy-duty games, different floor surfaces, as well as barbed wire and oncoming cars. You’d really have to try hard to pop this one.

The durability allows you to play on grass as well as concrete, rocky roads, and other rougher surfaces. It’s one of very few that can withstand such extreme conditions.

Still, one of the best things about the ball is the fact that it’s non-toxic. It’s also crucial to mention that it’s ethically produced.


Safe for pet chewers

Suitable for harsh conditions



One-color design


11. NIKE 2018-2019 EPL Strike Soccer Ball

Nike is among the most popular names in the industry with plenty of quality products on the market. For this reason, their soccer balls are somewhat safe choices for both beginners and advanced players.

The EPL Strike features 12 panels for best accuracy and ease of use on different floor surfaces. It’s a durable design with machine stitching for some added durability.

It also has a textured casing for an excellent feel and touch. It’s not slippery, so you can easily play with it even when it’s raining if you want to.

It’s made with Nike’s Aerowtrac grooves to help enhance its performance and stabilize the flight. This allows for more accurate playing. Still, it comes in only one color scheme and several sizes. All the featured colors are vivid and help you spot it in the distance.

The construction features rubber, polyester, EVA foam, and polyurethane.


Textured casing

Machine-stitched 12 panels

Suitable for different weather conditions


Comes deflated



12. Franklin Sports Official Futsal Ball

This colorful and vivid ball is great for both youth and adults. It features durable construction that holds air and shape well even with everyday use. It comes in only one color combination but a few sizes to choose from.

It’s crafted with a soft cover that’s abrasion-resistant and has an excellent feel and touch. This enhances its performance allowing you a better grip at all times.

The unique stuffed and wound low-bounce bladder is crucial in keeping the ball close to the ground. For this reason, it’s suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Keep in mind that its size might be a bit smaller than most other soccer balls, so make sure to check if it matches your league requirements.

This one is ideal for practicing especially if you’re trying to focus on control and footwork.


Colorful design

Good grip

Suitable for inside and outside court


Smaller than most balls


13. Nike Premier League Strike Ball

Nike Premier League Strike Ball is made of rubber, polyester, EVA, and polyurethane. The combination of materials provides ultimate durability, endurance and performance we always expect from Nike.

The reinforced rubber bladder makes all the difference in how this one performs compared to other Nike balls. It keeps the air in allowing maximum shape retention.

Also, there’s the textured casing for an incredible feel and touch you’ll appreciate even more if you’re a goalkeeper. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that Nike featured its Aerowtrac grooves. The ball also has 12 panels for better accuracy and overall performance.

It comes in two color designs and several sizes to choose from. Also, it’s partially inflated which means you’ll need an air pump before you use it for the first time.


Reinforced rubber bladder

Textured casing

Aerowtrac grooves


For recreational use only


14. Adidas Capitano

Capitano is among the most popular models from Adidas. It’s an excellent all-around ball for beginners and recreational players. On top of that, it’s equally as impressive on different floor surfaces both inside and outside.

It’s machine-stitched for maximum durability and resistance. The strength of those stitches maintains the construction allowing you to enjoy the ball for a long time. Stitching also adds a bit to the overall soft touch.

It features a butyl bladder for ultimate air retention. It helps maintain the shape even with everyday use. The outer layer is made of an imitation of thermoplastic polyurethane leather.



Resistant to abrasion and wear signs

Holds the air well


Only for beginners and recreational players


15. Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball

Nike Pitch Team is one of those traditional-looking balls with a pretty basic design. Though it comes in several different colors, all of the designs are quite simple and straightforward. Still, the graphics are high-contrast which makes it easy to track the ball visually.

Another thing that adds to the traditional look is the fact it has 32 panels. The machine-stitched TPU casing allows accuracy and consistent play. It’s great for beginners and a bit more advanced players, kids, and adults as well.

The overall design and construction make the ball quite durable. It weighs just enough as well, so it’s suitable for all positions on the court.


High-contrast colors


Traditional design


It comes deflated



Choosing a soccer ball doesn’t always have to be difficult. There are many models on the market as well as many brands to choose from which tends to make the search a bit tricky. However, if you consider all the critical factors, you shouldn’t struggle with selecting one for you.

Some balls are more convenient than others and might be easier to work with. Still, all the models we reviewed are the top of what the industry has to offer. These are quality products that will last a long time with appropriate use.

Make sure to think about your position on the field. Also, if you’re a coach, you might want to consider one of the balls that come in packs of several. Either way, carefully read the reviews and come back to them as many times as you need to. We’re sure there’s a ball on our list that matches your needs and preferences.