Best Soccer Shin Guards in 2019

Did you know that professional soccer players have to wear shin guards? It's an essential piece in their equipment due to safety reasons. Nowadays, we also see them in recreational soccer as well as training quite often.

Soccer isn't on the list of the dangerous sport, but injuries do happen now and then. It's hard to tell which body part is at most risk, but shinbones and legs are high up there.

They have wide use in other contact sports such as hockey for example. They protect the area and help prevent injury to those sensitive bones.

Guards have to be lightweight, so they don't limit your movement. They also have to be comfortable otherwise you'll hate them before you actually give up wearing them altogether.

We did some research and reviewed the best soccer shin guards for adults and kids. We’ve also included a little size guide to help you select the right ones for you or your children.


Best Soccer Shin Guards for Adults


Twins Special Classic Shin Guard

These are designed to protect your lower legs in mixed martial arts, UFC, kickboxing, Thai boxing, soccer, and other close contact sports.

The heavy-duty padding protects your legs from kicks and strikes from the opponent. They’re built in a way to withstand extreme workouts and rigorous conditions.

The guards are made from 100% leather with a double Velcro strap for security. The Velcro provides a secure fit, but it also allows easy on and off access. Plus, these feature an elastic strap under the sole for some added control and protection.

Aesthetically, these look equally as good as they’re functional. Foam padding is always black, while the leather comes in several color choices. You can choose between black, red and blue depending on your personal style and the rest of your equipment.


Dense padding

Velcro straps

Several colors and sizes


They run big

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Adidas Pro Lite Shin Guard

Adidas is a well-known name in the sports industry, so it’s somewhat of a safe choice to go for their shin guards. You can choose between black and white only.

The brand did some heavy-duty researching where they measured over 90,000 shins in order to get the best size range. As a result, their Pro Lite now offer an optimized fit and impressive performance.

These fit snuggly to the leg, so they don’t interfere with your performance. The shield is lightweight at less than 8 ounces so you won’t feel weighted down during your game.

Unlike many others on the market, these feature no strapping. It’s a slip-in construction that allows quick and effortless in and out access. The soft synthetic lining adds to the overall comfort.

The shields come with compression sleeves that fixate them in place making it more comfortable for people who wear them for the first time.


Gentle to the leg

Optimized fit

No lacing


Not for warm weather

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Diadora Gamma Carbinio

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The Diadora are a popular choice thanks to the durable materials and overall design. They’re built to last a long time so they can endure some heavy kicking.

Made of 7 layers of Kevlar and fiberglass, the guards are quite durable. They do an excellent job of protecting your legs during impact so that you can wear them for more than just soccer.

Still, the shields are quite comfortable and easy to wear because they’re lightweight. They weight about 95 grams which is pretty lightweight compared to others on the market. The low and thin profile allows better movement and agility.

These feature Cool Max lining that helps wick perspiration away. The feature is especially useful when you have long-hour training on hot days. They also feature self-wrapping design, so there’s no lacing.


Comfortable and lightweight

No lacing

Layered construction


Large lime green logo

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Adidas ALSG119 Club Shin Guard

If you’re into Adidas, you’ll love their Club Shin Guards. They look and perform quite uniquely thanks to the innovative design and no-slip solution.

They come with a compression sleeve that prevents the shields from slipping during the game. It keeps everything in place and provides some extra warmth on cold days.

Each is designed in a way to allow better circulation to the muscles on your lower leg area. It prevents cramping and protects your leg in moments of close impact.

The overall design and the way these perform makes them ideal for elite players. However, they’re weight and ease of use means even beginners can use them to protect their shins.

They come in several sizes and only black and white to choose from. The design resembles the brand as it features their unique striped detailing on the very front.



Improves circulation

Suitable for beginners and pros


Sizes run a bit small

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Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard

Nike is among the best brands on the market, so there’s no doubt about their quality and performance. The Mercurial Lite are sturdy but lightweight and ideal for a wide range of sports.

The sleeve is quite breathable and comfortable. It’s contoured and provides a secure fit during your game. It comes with a low-profile shell that protects from impact and is equally as comfortable.

Because these are contoured, they’re also made explicitly for left and right leg. NOCSAE approves them for their durability and quality of performance.

These are made from K-resin, EVA, polyester, rubber, and spandex. It’s a unique combination of materials that helps protect your lower leg without adding any weight. Plus, the combo allows easy maintenance so you can just hand wash them and let them air dry. 


Case included

Combination of several materials

Contoured fit


The sizing chart is off

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Rawxy Junior Exceptional Flexible Sleeves

The 3-layer design has hard plates and protective foam that create a lightweight feel. They protect your shin and calf against impact during games and training.

These are different because they provide additional cushioning to the ankle. For this reason, they’re recommended to professionals as well as beginners. 

The shell is made of elastic HDPE and features 3d foam padding at the front and back. This gives the guards some durability but also makes them flexible and breathable. The fit is tight yet comfortable even when you’re running.

These also feature a front Velcro closure system to help them stay in place even at close contact. They won’t slide off or move around regardless of the temperature or conditions as long as you get them in the right size.

They come in neon yellow and neon orange, and there are a few sizes you can choose from.






Too short for tall people

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Adidas Performance Ghost Shin Guards

The Performance Ghost Shin Guards are among the most popular models by Adidas. It’s a unique and attractive design that still has players choose them over many other models from the brand.

These are 95% polypropylene and 5% TPU injection-molded. The combination makes them fitting, protecting, and easy to use for both beginners and advanced players.

Adidas innovative technology consists of three different shields fitted together in one. This type of design allows the best fit and high flexibility.

The shields come with compression sleeves to hold everything in place. They only keep the fit, but don’t add any weight or bulk to the design.

Plus, the addition of durable and soft EVA backing provides some more cushioning and added comfort especially when you’re using them for hours on end.


Unique design


Extra cushioning


Quite narrow

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Best Soccer Shin Guards for Youth (Kids)

Vizari 70109

Kids usually struggle to get used to wearing shin guards which is why Vizari came up with the 70109 model. It’s comfortable, attractive, and stays in place throughout the game.

These close in the front which is especially convenient for children as it allows quick in and out access. There’s foam padding in the back for some added comfort during those long-hour training. On top of that, it’s suitable for all soccer positions and children of all ages.

One thing you should pay attention to is the sizing chart. More so, if you don’t play soccer yourself, it might get a bit confusing to find the right size for your child. As a reference, the size X Small is usually fitting for a child up to 3’11’’. However, refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart before you opt for any size in particular.


Easy access


Many sizes and colors


Strap might loosen after a while

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DashSport Soccer Guards

These are equally suitable for boys and girls to keep them protected and safe during close contact games. The guards are flexible and comfortable during long-hour training and different weather conditions.

The DashSport are a bit different than the usual slip-in guards as these have an ankle support sleeve. It keeps ankles better protected as they absorb shock and impact.

The fit is quite tight, and it might take some time for your child to get used to it, more so, if it’s the first time he/she wears shin guards. Sizes run a bit small, so it’s best you consult the sizing chart to figure out what exact size to go for.

They feature an elastic strap that goes around the calf and a Velcro strap that attaches to the side.



Easy to use

For boys and girls


Two sizes wrong

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Wilson WSP 2000

Wilson is the official match ball of the NCAA Championships and one of the fastest growing brands. For this reason, it’s hard to go wrong when opting for their product.

Their WSP 2000 shin guards are easy to use and comfortable, so your kids will actually enjoy wearing them. The guards feature a reinforced shell that absorbs all the impact force and protects the leg from it. It’s a lightweight design, so there’s no added pressure or weigh during games.

The back features foam that makes it a bit more comfortable to wear. It makes all the difference, especially during long-hour training and games.

Wilson included the Velcro strapping system to make sure they stay in place. Thanks to the reliable closure design, the shields stay in place during games regardless of the weather conditions.


True to the size

Comfortable and tight fit

Foam padding


Might be too tight for some

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MacGregor Youth Padded Shin Guard

These are quite unique thanks to the stirrup design that protects both ankle and shin. However, the two detach from one another allowing the child to customize the fit.

There’s an adjustable hook/loop strap that helps keep everything in place. The guards also feature a Velcro strap at the back for some added support and security.

The shields are padded and comfortable for both boys and girls. Furthermore, they’re especially suitable if your little one often has long training. It’s a good way to keep the ankle and shin area well-protected during close contact and impact that could injure the child.

These elastic straps might take some time to get used to, especially if these are the first even shin guards for your kid. Still, kids get used to that pretty quickly as it helps the overall fit.


Flare up design

For boys and girls



Strapping might be uncomfortable to some

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Mitre Chameleon

At first glance, these don’t really look like guards for children. The design is pretty fierce and sturdy, but that’s precisely why kids love them. These Mitre look like they’re made for adults, although they’re for children.

The K-resin shell absorbs impact and shock providing excellent shin protection. It’s ideal for soccer as well as many other close contact sports such as kickboxing and hockey.

The poly backing wicks sweat which is especially useful if you live in a warm temperature area. It absorbs sweat allowing more comfort and breathability to the skin.

Still, the padded anklet provides added protection but is removable so your kid can choose between multiple wear options. There’s also the self-stick calf strap that allows better stability and a more secure fit.


Customizable fit

Comfortable padding

Easy to wash and maintain


Might not fit under socks

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Select Sport America Miami Shin Guard

If you’re looking for attractive design, you should definitely look into the Select Sport America Miami Guard. It’s an affordable shin shield that’s suitable for girls and boys as it comes in several sizes.

It features a reliable shin guard that protects the area from impact and potential injury. They also feature ankle protection that adds to the overall security of the product. However, this part of the shield is non-removable.

The hard shell has EVA foam for padding at the back. It makes the shields more comfortable and especially suitable for long-hour training.

It’s the ankle guard that keeps these in place so the kid can wear them even without socks. This is great if you live in hot temperature areas. The guards come in two neon colors, bright orange, and lime green.


Padded backing

Neon colors

Ankle protection


Non-removable ankle protection

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Size Guide for Kids

When it comes to sizing, you should always consider the general guidelines. Most brands go by these guidelines so sizes shouldn’t vary as much.

However, every child is different so the sizes can go up or down quite a lot depending on the personal preference.

In most cases, size S is 3’4’’ to 3’8’’, size M is 3’9’’ to 4’3’’, and size L is 4’4’’ to 4’8’’. Still, make sure to consider the sizing chart of the particular brand you’re interested in. Always measure your child and consult the chart before you make the final decision.

Size Guide for Adults

It’s safe to say that the same rules apply for selecting adult size as well. All sizing should be considered as a general guideline to follow as you look for the best soccer shin guards.

Again, because we’re all different, we also need different shin shields. To start, think about if you need narrow, wide, tall or short guards.

Size XS is for players that are 4’7’’ to 4’11’’, size S is for 4’11’’ to 5’3’’, size M is for 5’3’’ to 5’7’’, size L is for 5’7’’ to 5’11’’, and size XL is for 5’11’’ to 6’7’’.

Final Thoughts

Shin guards are an important addition that allows you to enjoy the game without fear of being injured. It’s the reliability and security that people usually look for in these guards.

Still, choosing the best pair isn’t always simple since there are so many models on the market. The fact that are many brands and different shin guards to choose from often confuses people. Hopefully, we were able to narrow the choice for you and help you in opting for a particular product.

Consider every pair equally, and make sure to think about your needs and preferences. Also, don’t forget to consult with the sizing chart before you make the final decision.