The Best Swimming Goggles in 2019

Are you indecisive about which swimming goggles to get? You're not alone since this topic tends to confuse a lot of people. There are many different models for different kinds of swimming, so the search can often become quite overwhelming. 

Goggles are among the most important pieces of your gear. A good pair allows you to see other swimmers, walls and backstroke flags. It also protects your eyes from irritation and redness. 

In most cases, goggles can be for training or competition ranging in quality, overall fit, price and several other factors. Competition goggles are usually a bit pricier, but they're also better for competitive swimming for various reasons. 

The market is packed with different models, so we’ve found the best ones for you to choose from. Below are some of the best swimming goggles for both recreational and competitive swimmers.  


Swimming Goggles Reviews  

Speedo Hydrospex Classic Swim Goggle 

The Speedo Classic goggles are a one-piece flexible frame made of hypoallergenic materials. These are comfortable, soft and adjustable so you can set them to your size.  

The TPR PVC frame and silicone strap fit snuggly to your head and face thanks to the Speed Fit strap system. This also ensures that the goggles stay on when wet. 

These are ideal for both indoors and outdoors use since they feature a 95% UV protective lens. The Lexan lens is shatter-resistant and very similar to an actual eyeglass. It has anti-fogging qualities as well. 

The Hydrospex is a classic model that’s quite comfortable to wear for hours at a time. It comes in several colors and is among the Speedo’s best recreational models currently on the market.  




Snug fit 


Turns yellow 


Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 

Speedo is among the best companies with some of the best selling models on the market. The Vanquisher 2.0 is a training goggle that’s quite popular for its durability and overall quality. 

These are quite comfortable thanks to the cushioned silicone seals and the overall low profile. It’s a new design that provides 25% more peripheral vision for a sleek and snug fit. 

The UV protected lenses block UVB and UVA rays, and they feature an anti-fog coating. This allows you to swim in both indoors and outdoors conditions. The goggles come with four interchangeable nose pieces enabling you to find the best fit for the shape of your face. 

It’s a classic fit that Speedo is well-known for. The soft silicone eye seals won’t let any water through, and they provide a snug fit when they get wet. 


Low profile 

Better peripheral vision 

Nose pieces included 


Straps tug easily 



These are comfortable and fit different face shapes with the same comfort and ease. You won’t feel the typical restricting feel near your eye sockets thanks to the solid yet gentle seal. It’s a cushioned seal that’s unique to Allpaipai and doesn’t let water through so there’s no irritation or redness.  

The 3D ergonomic design of the one-piece allows no leakage and provides a snug fit. Plus, the soft silicone gasket and nose piece add to the overall comfort even if you wear them for hours. 

Its lens is coated with an anti-fog coating for long distance view under water. Outer surfaces have a mirror coating that protects from harmful UVB and UVA rays. These come in a pack of two allowing you to carry one pair as a backup at all times.  


Two pack 

Silicone seal 

Protects against harmful rays 


Only two colors to choose from 


Swimming Triathlon Equipment Waterproof Protection 

This is another great two-pack that comes with black and blue frames. The black model has an ultra mirror lens that protects against UV rays while the Blue goggles feature a clear lens. 

All inner lenses are coated with an anti-fog treatment preventing distortion under water. Plus, the moderate gaskets provide a snug fit that’s not restricting or irritating your skin.  

The frame is quite comfortable and provides a reliable seal which means no water can get in even if you swim for hours. Its silicone strap is ergonomically designed and gentle to your skin. The clips are adjustable which means you can easily find the size that won’t irritate you. 

These have connected ear plugs that prevent water from leaking into your ears and possibly irritating your ear canals. The package includes two goggles, nose clips, and ear plugs.  


Comes with earplugs 

Two products 

Adjustable straps 


Might get blurry after a while 


AqtivAqua Goggles 

If you’re looking for a larger field of view, you should check out the AqtivAqua. These feature polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog coating for better UV protection and a 180° field of view. The undistorted optics allows better performance above and under water. 

Its soft silicone double gaskets expand and contract to provide a snug fit on different faces. There’s a good level of suction that still doesn’t put lots of pressure around your eyes. 

The goggles also feature the One-Click system that allows you to adjust the strap size to your preference. This is quite easy to do even when the straps are wet. 

Overall, the frame is comfortable and fits snuggly without irritating the skin around your eyes. The tinted polycarbonate lens protects your eyes from water as well as harmful sun rays. 


For youth and adults 

No fogging 

Comes with a case 


They run a bit tight 


Michael Phelps XCEED 

These plastic swimming goggles are among the most attractive training models on the market. They come in several colors to choose from.  

The manufacturer combined two materials and their Exo-core technology to deliver the best performance. The combination allows flexibility and durability even if you swim regularly and for hours.  

Its soft Softeril gasket provides a tight and snug fit preventing leakage. Still, it’s comfortable and won’t irritate the skin on your face. The manufacturer also included its semi-rigid exoskeleton for better structural strength and stability.  

These have a low-profile silicone strap with a textured grip effect. They also have an ergonomic nose bridge allowing you to secure a comfortable fit for your face shape. The anti-fog polycarbonate lens provides a clear view and UV protection. 


No pressure lines  

No fogging 

Interchangeable nose bridge 


Might be bulky for some 


Anti-Fog Racing Swimming Goggles 

These have a specially formulated anti-fog coating on the scratch-resistant and shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses. They come with a mirror finish as well which provides somewhat better UV protection and a wide angle design.  

The goggles have a unique bungee cord instead of a classic strap for better durability and overall comfort. The cord is adjustable and easy to use for all kinds of swimming.  

These feature a high nose bridge along with three interchangeable nose pieces. The variety allows anyone older than ten years to wear them.  

For gasket, the manufacturer used soft silicone allowing an air-tight fit that doesn’t leak through. Plus, these Anti-Fog Racing Swimming Goggles come with a hard protective case and a microfiber cleaning cloth for maintenance.  


Unique cord 


Shatter-proof lens 


Might come off when jumping in the water 


Zionor Polarized Protection Watertight 

If you’re into outdoors swimming, you probably know how important eye protection is. The Zionor features polarized lens for all kinds of outdoors swimming, kayaking, and surfing. 

These are comfortable and fit snuggly around your eyes without leaving pressure marks. The silicone gasket and TPR nose piece allow the comfort and sealed protection against leakage. They also feature a durable strap that’s adjustable and suitable for different face shapes and head sizes. 

The advanced ZFF technology keeps the water out while providing a clear view under water. The lens doesn’t fog and provides UV protection thanks to the mirror coating. On top of UV protection, the lens also allows clear and wide vision in water and above it. 


No pressure 

Wide view 

Ideal for outdoors 


They’re a bit big 



These adjustable goggles have plastic eyecups with a silicone seal. They come with three different nose bridges and adjustable strap allow you to customize the fit to the shape of your face.  

Thanks to the silicone seal, these provide a fit that doesn’t slip around or leak. Anti-Shatter technology means durability and advanced protection against starches and breakage. 

You also get a pair of PVC earplugs to prevent water from entering your ear canals and possibly causing inflammation. It comes with a protective case as well. 

The goggles come in several colors and are suitable for both adults and youth swimmers since they’re fully adjustable and tight fitting. They’re comfortable and lightweight so you won’t get any pressure lines on your face even after hours of wearing them. 


Earplugs included 


Shatter-resistant lens 


Might fog at times 


Aqua Sphere Seal 

These are entirely different than most of the models we reviewed. They’re larger and cover more of your face. 

The advanced fit technology provides increased seal integrity. It’s a comfortable frame that won’t leave pressure lines even if you swim with them for hours. Still, it’s tightly sealed to ensure there’s no leakage and to help them stay on when you jump in the water.  

These feature the Plexisol lens that’s lightweight and durable. It’s scratch resistant and won’t show any signs of wear any time soon. There’s also the anti-fogging coating that allows clear vision under and above water. The lenses also provide solid protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

Its strap is adjustable allowing a tight and comfortable seal as well as easy handling.   


Tight fit 

Adjustable strap 

Shatter resistant lens 


Only for the high nose bridge 


TYR Special 

These silicone goggles are smaller and easy to put on and take off. They’re lightweight and tight-fitting which means you can wear them with ease and for hours. 

Both the frame and lens are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. They don’t wear out as easily, and they don’t change color with time.  

The best part is that you can use these for both recreational and professional swimming. The Durafit gasket allows this type of versatility and durability even with extensive use.  

Its anti-fog lens gives clear view underwater as well as above the surface. It protects against UV rays which means you can use the goggles for outdoor swimming as well. The frame and lens are designed to provide a wider peripheral range for more comfort and convenience. 



Compact and lightweight 

Wide peripheral view 


Runs a bit small 



The Aegend goggles feature the unique Environmental Coating treatment technology that allows no fogging. It provides nothing but clear view above and under water. It’s a flat lens that reduces depth and distance perception. 

Another thing worth noting is that these have a UV protection coating that absorbs ultraviolet light. This allows you to swim outdoors since there’s less chance that UV rays could hurt your eyes. 

There’s also no leakage thanks to the flexible silicone dual-seal designed. It’s cushioned and perfectly sealed around your eyes without leaving any pressure marks.  

The goggles come with three replaceable nose pieces allowing you to find the best fit for your face shape. They are available in several different colors to choose from. 


UV protection 

No fogging 

No pressure lines 


Might move around 


Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are quite a few best swimming goggles on the market. We tried to include both professional and recreational models for you to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.  

These are the best thanks to the construction, materials and overall combination of features each model delivers. For this reason, you should consider your overall needs before you opt for a particular pair. Consider your swimming style as well as the overall shape of your face. 

What’s important is that there’s no leakage since it’s the primary reason why you would wear goggles in the first place. However, several other things like UV protection and adjustability can also come in handy regardless of your swimming style. 


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