A Muhammad Ali Las Vegas Story

A Muhammad Ali Caesars Palace Las Vegas Story  In light of the unfortunate passing of the incomparable Muhammad Ali, an iFolloSports.com reader sent along a great story from the early 1970’s.

The reader explained that she was hanging out at Caesars Palace, when it was a much smaller hotel. As a result of the more intimate design, the casino floor was not only much more of a condensed space, but its ceiling was nowhere near as high as it is currently.

With the older setup of Caesars in mind, the reader remembers seeing Ali seated at a gaming table, with a huge crowd surrounding him.  She recalls that Ali (who was around 30 at the time) wearing so many diamonds on his hands that the jewelry reflected incredibly brightly off the lights of the ceiling. It was almost as if “The Greatest” was in the ring or on stage performing under spotlights.

From the early 60’s though the early 80’s, Muhammad Ali never did anything quietly. Even if he was simply gambling in Las Vegas, the legend of legends always put on a show for his fans.