Orlando Cruz: The First Active Gay Boxer

Orlando Cruz: The First Active Gay Boxer 31-year-old Puerto Rican, Orlando Cruz, is a featherweight boxer, who will be fighting Jorge Pazos of Mexico, on October 19 in Kissimmee, Florida. Cruz will be defending his WBO Latino Featherweight title.

Last week, Cruz took advantage of a pre-fight press conference to announce that he is gay.  In doing so, Cruz became the first active boxer to declare that he is homosexual.

His announcement was especially noteworthy amid the very macho sport that he is a part of.

“I have and will always be a proud Puerto Rican. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man," explained the 5-4 southpaw.

As an amateur, Cruz represented Puerto Rico in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Cruz has a professional record of 18-2-1 and is ranked as the number 4 featherweight in the world, by the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

Retired boxers and other athletes have admitted their homosexuality, but almost never while still competing in their chosen sport.