Arian Foster Signing For Fans In Dallas (Video)

Texans star running back Arian Foster has parlayed his outstanding 2010 season into a bit of newfound stardom. Foster spent much of Saturday afternoon signing autographs at GMC's booth at the NFL Experience. 

Fans waited a long time to meet Foster, with the Tennessee alum appearing to return the favor by taking time with each and every signature seeker. The future is very bright for this tailback.  

Brian Billick was so accommodating to fans (video)

Super Bowl winning coach and current broadcaster Brian Billick appeared at the NFL Experience on Saturday, participating in a Q & A session with fans. After answering a slew of questions, Billick went out into the crowd to sign autographs, shake hands and pose for photos with anyone who wished to do so.  Billick did not discriminate, providing his time to young and old, former rivals or just excited NFL fans.  Billick absolutely deserves another opportunity as a head coach.  He has a winning pedigree and he clearly will represent his new team in a very classy manner.

Jerry Jones eating at Al Biernat's Steak & Seafood

Hanging out at Al Biernat's on Super Bowl eve, a top tier Dallas restaurant, involved the sight of huge names from the worlds of sports and entertainment.  On the sports side, Cowboys owner Jerry was spotted at a table with members of his immediate family.  Jones has had a tough week, due to the record cold that hit North Texas.  At this point in time, he appeared to be all smiles and in full entertaining mode.  Jerry has a big day come Sunday.  Also present from the sports world were former Titans coach Jeff Fisher and Eagles tight end Brent Celek.   

Peyton Hillis appearance in Dallas (video)

The lone bright spot of the Browns season was the unexpected performance of Peyton Hillis. After arriving from Denver, in exchange for Brady Quinn, Hillis boasted 13 total touchdowns in 2010, including a huge game in Cleveland's win vs. the Patriots. Hillis is now a recognized NFL player throughout the league. Fans at the NFL Experience lined up deep for a shot at meeting Hillis.  Like Arian Foster, Hillis appeared to be a model citizen when interacting with the folks in attendance.  

Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler at Al Biernat's

Hanging out at Al Biernat's on Super Bowl eve, a top tier Dallas restaurant, involved the sight of huge names from the worlds of sports and entertainment.  From the entertainment side of the ledger, A-List heavyweights Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were seen having dinner at a large table with several other people.  Aniston was as beautiful as advertised, when seeing her in person. Sandler looked like the same guy who played Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Two of the all-time great movies!

A behind the scenes look at Cowboys Stadium

The day has finally arrived! Super Bowl XLV will kickoff Sunday night at 5:30 CT. As everyone knows, the game will be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The three million square foot brainchild of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will serve as a spectacular setting for this epic event.  Below is an inside look at Jerry World's Big Game appearance.

Jerry Jones
Cowboys Stadium
Dallas Cowboys
AT&T Stadium

Michael Irvin really likes this kid (video)

Among the many athletes hanging around the Sheraton Downtown Dallas on Friday was Cowboys legend Michael Irvin.  Irvin was spending time with what appeared to be a very close friend or colleague. Irvin's love for this family was on full display when he embraced the friend's son while sitting on the floor of the hotel's highest traffic area. Irvin definitely showed the softer side of himself on this day.  He was clearly very happy to spend time with this particular group of people.

Mark Sanchez Is A Rock Star! (Video)

One of the most chaotic scenes at the Super Bowl media hotel occurred Friday, when Jets QB Mark Sanchez walked down the hall towards his awaiting chauffeured vehicle. Sanchez was literally besieged by autograph seekers, per this original video.

To Sanchez's credit, he appeared to make every attempt to sign for as many people as possible, representing himself and his organization extremely well. The QB seems to be very conscious of his public persona.

Drew Brees Speaking To Agent In Dallas (Video)

In present day NFL, there is not a more respected figure than Saints QB Drew Brees. Last year's Super Bowl Champ is both a Saints' team leader and a civic leader in New Orleans' road back after Hurricane Katrina.  

Friday, Brees was about to head inside the Sheraton Downtown Dallas, but he got temporarily sidetracked after noticing his agent Tom Condon. The two men exchanged pleasantries, as the fans around them kept their distance due to reverence for Brees.  Very few athletes conjure up this level of high regard.  Brees is truly in a class of his own these days.

Literally bumping into Archie Manning

Rich Gannon is a good guy!

While eating lunch at the Sheraton Downtown Dallas, I sat two tables down from former NFL QB and current broadcaster Rich Gannon.  Gannon was eating by himself, in between his various Super Bowl Week media appearances.  After Gannon concluded his meal, I went over and asked if he would pose for a photo with me. He very graciously accepted. Gannon and I chatted for a minute and shared stories about residing in Minnesota.  I grew up in suburban Minneapolis and Gannon, the former Viking, lives there presently.  Gannon could not have been a nicer guy!

Joe Montana must have been in a hurry

During Super Bowl Week in North Texas, the media headquarter hotel is the Sheraton Downtown Dallas.  Friday, the greatest football player present was the incomparable Joe Montana. Montana was seen being escorted from Radio Row to his awaiting SUV outside of the Sheraton. While many current and former NFL players walked anonymously through the hotel, the sight of Montana caught the eye of everyone.  Many people asked the legend for an autograph, but Montana maintained the same rapid pace to his chauffeured ride, never really acknowledging the fans continued requests.

Photos of the Packers & Steelers Super Bowl bases of operation

Super Bowl XLV will be played Sunday night at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Since arriving in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex on Monday, both the Packers and Steelers have set up bases of operation on different sides of this massive metropolitan landscape. These predetermined lodging and practice venues are currently serving as the home away from home for these legendary franchises.

Green Bay Packers

Jerry Rice in enemy territory

Football Heavyweights!

During Super Bowl week, the lobbies of luxury hotels serve as excellent places to encounter famous figures from the athletic and entertainment worlds.