How iFollo Works

<div class="legal-all"><p>iFollo is all about you. Like the name suggests, the site is designed to let you follow real life stories posted from other members about their personal experiences they have had with celebrities.</p> <p>While many celebrity news and fan Web sites are based on propaganda, iFollo is the only online community that uses real fan-generated stories about celebrities. The iFollo Members control the content of the site. Members rate stories and can report abuse. The interactive and genuine real-life content on iFollo makes it the most valuable online destination for celebrity stories.</p> <h2>Follo</h2> <p>As a member, you determine what stories you are shown depending on which celebrities you choose to follo. You can follo as many or as few celebrities you like. The choice is yours.</p> <h2>Add your Story</h2> <p>Do you have a real life experience with a celebrity? iFollo allows members to upload photos, video, and share their celebrity stories. You can also rate celebrities by looks, smarts, arrogance, and more. iFollo exposes the true personality and character of famous people with real stories from real people.&nbsp;</p> <h2>Add a Celebrity</h2> <p>Before you can write a story about a celebrity there needs to be a Celebrity Profile on iFollo for that celebrity. If a Celebrity Profile does not exist for the celebrity you want to write about, simply go to <a href="/node/add/celebrity">this page</a> to create a profile for the Celebrity.</p> <h2>Add a Group/Team</h2> <p>Before you can write a story about a group or team there needs to be a Celebrity Group Profile on iFollo for that group or team. If a Celebrity Group Profile does not exist for the celebrity you want to write about, simply go to <a href="/node/add/celebritygroup">this page</a> to create a profile for the group or team.</p> <p>Voice your opinions by commenting on stories, as well as replying to comments by other members.</p> <p>Want to read a story or save it for later? Simply click on the favorite button and it is saved to the favorites area of your personal page so you can easily find it later on.</p> <p>Make sure you tell your friends about any content on iFollo with our easy to use Share feature.</p> <h2>Rate</h2> Become part of the community editorial process by Rating (thumbs up or down) the best stories on iFollo. The more positive responses the story gets, the higher it is promoted into the popularity rankings. <h2>Report Abuse</h2> <p>All Stories and Comments have a Report Abuse option. By clicking the Report Abuse link the offending content will be flagged for moderation, and our site administration team will address the situation.</p> <p>For reporting copyright infringement please use <a href="/report/report-copyright-infringement">this form.</a></p> <h2>Legal</h2> <p><a href="/terms-use">To see iFollo’s&nbsp;Terms and Conditions click here.</a></p> <p><a href="/privacy-policy">To see iFollo’s&nbsp;Privacy Policy click here.</a><br /> <br /> <a href="/submission-guidelines">To see iFollo’s&nbsp;Submission Guidelines click here.</a><br /> <br /> <a href="/content-complaint-procedure">To see iFollo’s&nbsp;Content Complaint Procedure click here.</a></p></div>