A Stripper Golf Tournament In Oklahoma

Stripper at Elks Lodge Number 1355Elks Lodge number 1355 should not have any problem selling tickets for next year's charity golf tournament in Woodward, Oklahoma. 

During this year's event, held in July at Boiling Springs Golf Course, one of the volunteers stripped naked in the middle of the putting challenge.

The fundraiser's purpose is raising money for the lodge's annual rodeo.

The Elks' Rodeo chairman, who was not present at the time of the “incident”, insists the woman in question was not asked to do so. 

Not surprisingly, Woodward city officials are not very happy about the stripper golf tournament that broke out. 

"I was offended, the city commissioners were offended, the community was offended. This has been conveyed to the golf course operator and the Elks," explained Woodward city manager Alan Riffel.

Meanwhile, Elks members in Woodward are trying to quash rumors that the "volunteer" was paid by the lodge to get naked or that she may have had sex with tournament players.

The Elks Lodge in Woodward, OK appears to be one crazy group.