MN High School Golf Coach Is In Serious Trouble

Hermantown coach Kyle Ernst provided alcohol for underage high school teamKyle Ernst is the assistant golf coach at Hermantown High School, or at least he is for now. 

The Hermits boy's team recently finished second in the Minnesota state tournament, missing the top spot by only one stroke.

To console both the boy's and girl's teams, Ernst bought two cases of beer, one 12-pack of hard cider and a 40-ouncer at a nearby convenience store. He then brought the purchases back to where the teams were staying, organizing a beer and wine party for his teenagers.

Everyone of the drinkers present at the hotel were underage, except for the 26-year-old coach. 

Later, some team members were caught drunkenly trying to buy lottery tickets at 3 AM, at a nearby Cub Foods grocery store.  

Ernst was arrested and now faces two counts of gross misdemeanor involving providing alcohol to someone younger than 21. 

He could be fined up to $3,000 (for a $62 purchase) and may be facing up to one year in prison. 

Local cops and school officials were not happy   

Not surprisingly, Ernst is not likely to return to the northern Minnesota high school next season.