The Most Dangerous Golf Course In America Is...

Crystal Springs Golf CourseThe Crystal Springs Golf Course, in the San Francisco suburb of Burlingame, California, may be the most dangerous golf course in the country and it is not due to deep water hazards, high rough or undulating greens. 

Two weekends ago, a mountain lion was seen crossing the fairways early in the morning. 

The course is now distributing some information about this incident to its patrons. A flyer was available in the clubhouse, below are some of the tips.

Golfers and hikers should never approach a mountain lion, especially those that appear to be feeding or accompanied by offspring. 

Always keep a close eye on your children and pick them up immediately if an encounter occurs. 

Never run from a cougar, but face it and make lots of noise.   

By the way, throwing your clubs at the beast was not one of the tips.