Olympian Charged With Assaulting Taxi Driver

, Paul Hamm punches and kicks a taxi driverPaul Hamm is a two-time Olympic gymnast, who won three medals at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Hamm's career highlights include capturing the individual gold in the all-around and a silver in the team competition

The 28-year-old was arrested in Columbus, Ohio for punching and kicking a taxi driver, after refusing to pay a $23 cab fare. Hamm followed that up by wrestling with a police officer who was trying to detain him. 

The police eventually got Hamm under control and asked him if he had been drinking. 

"I probably had about eight drinks," replied Hamm.  

Hamm is also heard on police video saying the unfortunate words. “You guys are so funny. You guys have no idea. I'm going to kill you guys.”

All this from an athlete who once graced the front of a Wheaties box. 

Hamm was arrested on charges of assault, criminal damaging and not paying for a service. He has since been fired from his position of assistant men's gymnastics coach at Ohio State University.

At least this Ohio State story has nothing to do with tattoos.