Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Review

Searching for boxing gloves can sometimes be quite challenging. The many models available on the market make it hard to choose just one, especially if you're a beginner.

If you're searching for a quality pair, you might want to check out the Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves. This pair is one of the best options on the market in terms of quality, reliability, and comfort. It's made of durable materials, and it helps enhance your performance in various ways.

It’s an excellent pair to consider while narrowing your list of the best boxing gloves. These should come close to the top for their performance and quality.

If that’s what you’re searching for, you should continue reading. The information below can help you decide if this is the right model for you, so stick around as we discuss everything from materials, comfort, padding, protection, size, and much more.

Why You’ll Like These Gloves

·      They are supportive – these offer supreme wrist control that’s always vital in boxing gloves. It’s the dual-strap wrist closure that offers as much reliability and comfort, allowing free movement and longer training sessions.

·      They’re comfortable – the pair is well-padded and comfortable to use even for an extended period. This means you can easily train for hours on end without feeling pain in your hands and wrists. They’re also just the right weight as well.

·      They’re made of high-quality materials – this ensures durability and resistance against what would be normal wear and tear. While they will show signs of tear, that won’t happen as quickly.

Why These Gloves Aren’t For You

·      Sizes run small – if you have bigger hands, these might be a bit too tight for you. The pair comes in several sizes, but still, each size runs a bit too small. For this reason, measure your hands and consult the sizing chart beforehand. It’s advised you go a size up if your hands are on a bigger side.

·      If you’re into clinching – though these are quite versatile and convenient, they might not be the best option for clinching. If you’re into Muay Thai, you’ll maybe have to get an additional pair that would work better for the purpose.


Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves are made of microfiber leather that’s handcrafted for resistance against wear, abrasion, and crack.

It’s a durable material that’s also quite comfortable and breathable. Combined with padding, microfiber leather protects your hands during long-hour training sessions.

Its 4-layer foam structure requires no break-in time so that you can use the pair immediately without any change in performance or comfort. The material is resistant to sweat just as well and is quite simple to maintain.


These are comfortable for extended training sessions and more advanced skill levels. The padding, as well as overall construction, ensures comfort even though the sizes are somewhat tighter than usual.

The gloves are fitted with an inner antibacterial fabric that adds to the comfort levels. This makes them easy to wear even without a hand strap that many people consider uncomfortable to wear in a glove.

Though comfort depends on many things, the manufacturer tried to deliver the best. They fit a bit tighter than what you might expect, but you won’t have any issues with comfort as long as you pick the right size.


For protection, Hayabusa T3 has durable construction, superior padding, and wrist support. Since the most common injuries are caused by hand and wrist alignment and impact force, this is something the manufacturer paid particular attention to.

Foam, splinting, and strapping in these gloves give you the comfort, protection, and confidence you need to train better and harder. Knowing your hands are protected will make it easier for you to strike harder each time.


These feature foam padding throughout the construction, allowing supreme comfort at all times. The filling is durable and won’t start to tear even if you sweat a lot or use the gloves frequently.

The back of the hand features four interlocking splints for even better support and comfort that you get from the padding. It works with the foam to protect your hands from impact force.

They’re padded throughout, so your entire hand is well-protected and comfortable. On top of that, they feature microfiber thumbs allowing you to eliminate sweat quickly.


Microfiber leather is durable but breathable, so your hands won’t be wet and sweaty during training. More so, the foam inside the gloves doesn’t absorb sweat either, so there won’t be any odors even after extended use.

The pair comes with no special ventilation features but relies on the materials used in the outer shell and interior padding.


Hayabusa T3 comes in four sizes ranging between 10oz, 1oz, 14oz, and 16oz. They all feature the same things in terms of construction and padding, so the only difference is in size and weight.

Keep in mind that all sizes run a bit small, so make sure to double-check if you think your hands are bigger. Consult with the sizing chart and always go for a bigger option if you find yourself between two sizes.

Used for What Type of Combat

If you’re looking for a single pair to use in different sports, you’ll maybe have to look elsewhere. Hayabusa T3 is a versatile model, but it’s only meant for kickboxing, sparring and punching heavy bags. It’s not meant for clinching as you’ll notice that it’s not as comfortable for the task.

Still, the pair is suitable for all skill levels from absolute beginners, to intermediate and advanced players.

Final Thoughts

Hayabusa T3 is an ideal pair of boxing gloves to start with if you’re a beginner. Still, it’s good enough to keep using as you advance in your skills and fighting techniques.

These are made of quality materials and are quite comfortable to wear for an extended period. They are odor-free and won’t retain any sweat in the padding or outer shell.

Though it might be tricky to find a size that would fit you, there are four to choose from. Even with minor setbacks, it’s still a quality pair that’s among the best options on the market. 


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