C.J. Nitkowski's Twitter Page Is A Must Read

C.J. Nitkowski Twitter pageC.J. Nitkowski pitched for 10 Big League teams (including two stints with the Tigers) during a rather pedestrian 10-year career. The Suffern, New York native compiled a record of 18-32, with a career ERA of 5.37. In the years since his American baseball career came to an end, the lefty spent some time hurling fastballs in the professional leagues of Japan and Korea.

As a counter to his life on the baseball diamond, the 38-year-old has quickly emerged as a very reputable social media maven. Nitkowski pens a baseball blog aptly named CJBaseball.com and regularly contributes to his rather entertaining Twitter account.  Below are some of his most colorful 140 character limited observations, posted just in the last couple weeks.   

Oct 2 - Going to 20th HS reunion after spending some time in MLB isn't quite as rewarding when you attended an all boys school.

Sept 28 - Not a proponent of divorce but my wife continues to watch reg TV & refuses to acknowledge the superiority of HD which I pay for. Strike 1!

Sept 22 - Got paid to write something for the first time in my life. Suck on it verbal part of the SAT's (scored 370). Bio update. Check!

Sept 21 - I wish squirrels had Internet access so they could have a forum to discuss the dangers of inexplicably darting back in the road. RIP fella.

You can see his most recent real-time tweets under the TWEETS tab here.

Whether the topic of discussion is high school, relationships, SAT scores or squirrel social media, Nitkowski appears to have it every bit covered. Keep up the good work C.J. and best of luck at your not-so-rewarding high school reunion!