More Troubles For Tiger & AROD?

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez may be facing more problems, as indictments of a Canadian doctor begin Wednesday.  Both superstars' reputations are bound to take further hits. 

Toronto physician Anthony Galea is scheduled to plead guilty Wednesday in federal court in Buffalo, New York to a five-count indictment on charges including smuggling HGH and other drugs into the US and lying to border agents. Galea is not licensed to practice medicine in the US. He also faces drug related charges in Canada. 

Galea is accused of treating more than twenty American athletes in their homes between 2007 and 2009, reportedly including members of the New York Mets, Alex Rodriguez, and Woods. 

Galea's executive assistant, Mary Anne Catalano, was arrested with the drugs in her car as she tried to drive into Buffalo during September of 2009.  She is expected to be sentenced later this month. As part of her plea bargain, she is cooperating with authorities. 

Woods, Rodriguez and the other athletes have admitted to being treated by Galea, but say they did not receive injections of HGH from him, instead only getting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) shots from Galea.   

Why would these professional stars have Galea treat them in their homes or in hotels when they could easily afford to see any licensed doctor in America?  We may hear the answer this week from a courtroom in Buffalo.