Adam Dunn Entering Taxi At SoCal Hotel (Video)

Chicago White Sox designated hitter Adam Dunn might very well be the most all or nothing slugger in baseball. When the behemoth lefty grabs a bat, one of two scenarios tend to take place. The 6-6, 285 lbs. giant either hits a mammoth homerun, or swings and misses, before heading back to the dugout.

After his two homerun, two strikeout performance on Monday, Dunn is batting a lowly .210, while at the same time having belted an impressive 41 homeruns. In fact, Dunn has 100 more strikeouts (207) than hits this season (107), with a whopping 38 percent of his hits resulting in HR's.

During Dunn's 12 MLB seasons, the big Texan has averaged 34 homeruns, 168 strikeouts and 118 hits per season, with 29 percent of his career hits being of the big fly variety.

As can easily be deducted from the above stats, Dunn's pattern always involves a solid combination of robust power numbers and a whole lot of strikeouts. While some observers have scrutinized this approach, four teams (CIN, ARI, WSN, CHW) have contributed about $70 million to Dunn's “very powerful” bank account.

Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Last Friday, “Mr. All Or Nothing” was seen entering a taxi cab outside of The Westin South Coast Plaza, prior to his team's game with the Los Angeles Angels.

This Costa Mesa (CA) based property, located 11 miles southwest of Angel Stadium of Anaheim, is Chicago's hotel of choice when visiting the Angels.

Dunn, whose casual entire fit very well with his Southern California surroundings, told a group of nearby fans that he would sign autographs once inside the ballpark.

This scene is visible per the above original video.

In case there is any confusion, Dunn is the really big dude at the center of the screen.