Brad Radke Could Still Go 7 (Photos & Video)

Brad Radke pitched for the Minnesota Twins for 12 seasons, compiling a total of 148 career wins, while helping to transform the Twins from a last place small market team in the mid 90's, to four American League Central division titles between 2002 and his last year of 2006. As a result of these efforts, the durable right-hander was always a fan favorite among Minnesota baseball fans.

Radke was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, located only 90 minutes east of the Twin Cities. He later attended high school in Tampa (FL).

Recently, Radke made an appearance at a Menards home improvement store in the Twin Cities suburb of Golden Valley (MN). Above are original photos of Radke signing autographs for a large group of fans. Radke was very accommodating, as he also posed for pictures with many people, including myself.

Here is original video of Radke from the event.

Radke, who lives in Florida, remains in good shape and looks like he could still pitch today.  

Judging by the Twins lackluster start to the 2012 season, he may want to stay close to the phone.