Bud Selig Is Obsessed With Gilles Custard In Milwaukee

Grilled Cheese SandwichAllan “Bud” Selig has been the commissioner of Major League Baseball since 1998, after serving as acting commissioner from 1992-1997. Selig's contributions to the game include implementation of the wild card, interleague play, divisional realignment and revenue sharing. His tenure also has to be remembered for overseeing the sport during MLB's infamous era of steroid use.

Prior to his commissionership, Selig owned the Milwaukee Brewers, beginning in the team's inaugural season of 1970.

For a man of such wealth and accomplishment, many people are not aware of Selig's different approach to daily living, as compared to the commissioners of the other major sports.

While these other commissioners all live and work full-time in New York, Selig still lives in his hometown of Milwaukee. He frequently commutes to New York, but his home base is still very much in Wisconsin.

Selig's main office is located at the U.S. Bank Center in downtown Milwaukee.

US Bank Tower

Far more interesting and bizarre than Selig's place of business is his place of lunch.

Gilles Frozen Custard

10 minutes west of downtown Milwaukee stands Gilles Frozen Custard. Every single workday that Selig is at home in Milwaukee, he sits down for lunch at this restaurant best known for their custards and hot dogs. Despite their specialties, Selig's meal of choice is a grilled cheese sandwich. On Wednesday's, Selig has been known to go crazy and order two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Gilles Frozen Custard

Selig's sandwich runs the millionaire baseball baron $2.35. If he elects to purchase the grilled cheese combo meal, his bill jumps to $5.80.

On the day of this report, Selig had visited Gilles Milwaukee only an hour prior. That is how much of a mainstay he is.

So, if fans want to live the life of the baseball commissioner, all that is needed is a couple dollars and a car that can travel to Bluemound Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.